What I use for my curly hair sons! La Corona Organic Hair & Body Cream

One good thing about not having a daughter is not worrying about another head to do. See I hate my hair and I never wear it out I’m always in a weave, wig, or braids. It’s easier and faster for me. So even though I wanted a baby girl I thank God he didn’t give me one. Instead he gave me two curly hair boys that still need their heads looked after! Now the good thing is they can get their hair cuts every 3 weeks and look decent however that last week is rough LOL. To keep their curls popping and they hair looking moisturized I use an organic product that is pretty good for the whole body and whole family.

This cream can be used on your body as well as your hair #Win! I’m all for getting a bang for my buck. This cream is made fresh to order with some of the best oils on the market. I’m not a DIYer and I know making butters and creams can be messy so I leave it to the professionals. La Corona is a brand that understands that consumers want quality products, made fresh, and affordable. So when I was introduced to the brand I fell in love. They believe in diversity. Everyone who has curly hair isn’t a female which is very important to me because my two boys need products that are unisex. Our brown people need products that works good for their texture. This product is good for the scalp and curls. I use it on my husband to keep his scalp moisturized because he deals with dry scalp. The scent isn’t too harsh or too girlie so it’s perfect for us.

A brand that “gets it”

We see ads all day with products that don’t relate to us, that wouldn’t fit in your family or even in your budget. La Corona gets that. Their motto is about seeing the beauty in diversity! The La Corona Organic Hair & Body Cream details are impressive.

Treat your tresses every day to this moisturizing hair cream made with all natural and organic ingredients.  Use a small amount and finger comb through slightly damp or dry hair for instant moisturizing, shine, and smoothing to curly or straight styles.

For $10 you get 8oz of this creamy product and you can use it for your hair or your body. The ingredients include: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, olive oil, Shea butter, and our signature blend of essential oils. I used this on my edges on wash day to get my hair to come back strong and healthy. And on my dry elbows and knees. I put the container in the fridge after use because my home is normally warm and I like the mixture semi solid.

Curly hair boys

My two boys hair tends to need a little more loving after hair washing and showers so I use the organic hair cream on them often. Most of the time I go “old school” I sit them down between my legs and oil their scalps and moisturize their hair while talking about what’s currently happening in their lives. Chance tends to only talk about Mickey Mouse and Slime while Dereon talks about his upcoming birthday plans. I think my husband just likes me running my fingers through his head LOL but it’s a fun bonding moment with all them and they all wait patiently for their turn.

Why I am a fan

La Corona is a family owned business. It’s a husband and wife business. They are educators, partners and parents. Passing down traditions and love through their business. They remind me of my husband and I. They are even throwing a launch party for their supporters! If you are free Friday April 27th 5:30 – 9:00pm come out to their Mix and Mingle where you can learn more about the brand and meet the team behind La Corona! You can RSVP here. I would love to see you there.

If you are natural, permed, or a mom of curly hair kids or just a fan of organic products please take a moment to check their site out. You won’t be sorry.

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