Toddler Must Haves Found at Dollar Tree!

Who doesn’t like Dollar Tree? I have a love and hate relationship with Dollar Tree I love that I can find so many amazing things for only one dollar. I hate that I can never go and ONLY buy what I put on my shopping list, I always end up with more so much more. Our family of 4 has so many different needs and Dollar Tree seems to always meet them. However our Toddler is constantly growing and always in the need of something different and new. I find myself trying to remember if it was this was with our oldest. Having a active toddler is hard work, but with all the cool finds at Dollar Tree it makes things a little easier.

Location does matter

I must give this disclaimer. While Dollar Tree in a whole is pretty amazing franchise some locations are better than others. Even though I am a Chicago girl I enjoy the near by suburb Dollar Trees. My faves are Oak Park, Melrose Park, and Oak Brook. These locations are large and have really great selections. Now don’t get me wrong I go to the Chicago locations as well, but when I am really looking for a big mixture of items I head to the burbs!

name brands, QUALITY, & CoNVENIENT

Dollar Tree runs can be random, but three things are always focus on when I’m there:

Name Brands finds– Why pay more for brand name items else where?

Quality– Is this really worth me buying will it last or is this a one time use?

Convenient– I’ll be honest sometimes I rather spend money and save time (hint paper plates and plastic forks).

My Favorite toddler finds!


1. Crayola Bathtub Finger PAINT SOap

Bathtime is Chance’s favorite time and mine as well. He loves to play in the water and these tubes help change the color of his bath without staining the tub. You guys can work together and create art or let the kiddo go wild with your supervision of course. There is a lot of paint in the tubes I am guessing maybe enough for 10 baths m(depending how much you use each time). I picked up the Red and the Green colors and for $1 a piece you can’t beat that.

2. Disposable PLACEMATS

These little placemats are so bomb and worth way more than one buck! They have a sticky strip or you to stick to a table where your kiddo will be eating and or playing. It’s very durable and helps reduce the amount of germs your little one will be exposed to. It’s comes with 10 in a pack. I use then for him when going out to eat at restaurants and at our dinner table at night to help down down on mess.

3. educational books

As a huge advocate for literacy, books are a must in our home. It is hard to read to an active toddler, but these board books are sturdy,  have bright colorful pics and small enough to go into the little one’s diaper bag. They have so many different categories to chose from like colors, animals, shapes, that can keep your busy tot interested.

4. “knock off Bath & BODY WORKS” Scented Candles

I know this one really isn’t for toddlers, but for the mom of toddlers. Ha! Bath and Body Works have amazing smelling candles, but let’s be honest we can’t always afford that extra splurge all the time. As a mom of a toddler one of the ways I relax after a long day is by burning a candle and relaxing in my bed with a good book or a long hot bath with the candle in flicking in the background. These candles are sturdy, burn for a nice amount of time, and smells amazing. My favorite scent so far is Lake Breeze!

I hope you can find these items at your local Dollar Tree because they are so worth the dollar. As moms you need we need all the help we can get with saving time and money. Do you shop at Dollar Tree, if so what was your best find?

14 thoughts on “Toddler Must Haves Found at Dollar Tree!

  1. Dana Wiley says:

    Looooove Dollar Tree , I usually make a weekly visit. I just had my 1st lil gurl so I have not been able to go and I know good stuff at Dollar Tree runs out Fast ! So as soon as I get a chance I will be their for these wonderful finds. Thank You so much ! Also another product that is AWESOME (pun intended) is Awesome Oxygen Base Cleaner. It’s a powder cleaner that you mix with water and does not have bleach in it. This stuff is amazing cleans everything. I had some stains on my area rug and I mixed a lil with some water and put some on a cloth to rub out the stains and barely had to exert any energy. Works wonders also in laundry , the uses are endless.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      The AWESOME line is pretty fantastic. I always use the multipurpose spray when cleaning behind my toddler. And congrats on your baby girl!

  2. The Dollar Tree is my FAVORITE store! I’m not a mommy but I I love the Dollar Tree for grabbing birthday gifts for my neices and nephews! I always tend to buy gifts they can be interactive with instead of the toys. Usually if I grab books, I may grab flash cards too. Love all 3 suggestions for toddlers. I’ve noticed the candles aren’t bad either.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      This is my birthday gift headquarters. LOL. Gift bags, little add on gifts and cards. And the candles are really good.

  3. I absolutely Love the Dollar Tree. It is my favorite store. I totally agree with you. Location is important. I live in Alexandria La and I have a Dollar Tree by my house and the quality is horrible. The shelves are never stocked. So I have drive to another town to get what I need. I hate that. I wish all Dollar Tree’s would get on the same page.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Yes you have to shop around, some locations are better than others and for a good location I don’t mind driving because I know it’s going to be worth it.

  4. We LOVE Dollar Tree! I get a lot of Harper’s educational material and school supplies from there! I hope when we go to our local Dollar Tree that I can find that Crayola bathtub paint! Great haul!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much! I use to get Dereon’s learning stuff from there too. I have slightly started with Chance. Let me know if you find the paints

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Wow, Thanks! I didn’t know that can I message you about this? I have a few questions.

  5. This is a great round up of Dollar Tree purchases. Have you tried the restaurant quality dishes?! Amazing! I gave all of my mismatched sets away and replaced them with nice, white, HEAVY Dollar Tree plates.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Oh my! I have not tried them. I am going tomorrow to try to snag some I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

  6. I love Dollar Tree! These are some great finds and I need to pick up some of them for my girls.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Yes it is one of my go to stores!

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