What to tell your kid about the 2016 Election 

I voted. Instagramed my voting sticker. Facebooked a few inspiring posts to get my peers to participate in the election as well. I smiled so big when I picked my 9 year old son up from school and told him that I “rocked the vote!” He was upset I went without him, but I told him he can stay up just a little later that evening to watch the election numbers come in. That worked for him and we darted home to sit in front of the TV to watch Hilary Clinton take the position of the new Commander in Chief!

As the hours rolled by the coverage on CNN began to bother me. My 9 year old had to color in the color of which party won which state for his homework and I began seeing red (literally). He began asking “what’s going on mom?” All I could do was sit in silence because I was thinking the same thing. How was Donald Trump really taking the lead from a woman that has committed most of her adult life to public service and had experience in the White House. How could we have gone from 8 amazing years with President Obama to electing a racist ? How could this bully and womanizer be anybody’s choice for President?

Another hour passed by and my 9 year old son began to fall asleep. I told him to pray and go lay down and that things would be better in the morning, but now that the numbers are in and I see that Trump has won. Things won’t be better in the morning. What do I tell my son when he wakes up in the morning looking for information on who the next President will be? 

I’m clueless on what to tell my black boy living on the West Side of Chicago with a set of “working class” parents. I can’t lie and say Hilary won. I can’t lie and tell him that everything will be okay because I don’t know if that’s true…since Donald has became the President elect our stock market has already began to drop. Trump has already showed us his temper so war with another country is almost a given.

Black America is on pins and needles to see how “Making America great again” is going to work for us as a whole because it doesn’t seem like we were included in the plan. Parents are battling with the same thoughts I have. How do you explain to your child that sometimes life doesn’t seem fair and you’ve got to just roll with the punches? We as a people have to be honest and upfront with ourselves and our children. We don’t know what the future may hold, but we know who holds the future. Keep praying and trusting God and taking life one day at a time because there is no way we can change America’s vote. But we can change how we view America and our communities. The next 4 years won’t be easy but if our Ancestors made it so can we.
Be strong. 

Back to School rescue by Walgreens HealthCare Clinic

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Back to school prep is officially over for the Pyles’ household. Dereon just started first grade this month at a new school so they needed all his medical forms and records up to date. Of course this is a headache and most mothers dread this time because it may include your poor kiddo getting SHOTS, long wait times, as well as high doctor bills. Luckily for Dereon his shots were current, he only needed a physical. Excited to hear this I called to make him an appointment with his doctor. Sad to say Mommy was SO behind! When I called the receptionist said his doctor didn’t have any open availability until after September 1st. I asked about another doctor in our network and was told the same thing about him. I was disappointed because the kiddo had to get a physical to start school.

That’s when Walgreens HealthCare clinics came to my rescue! Walgreens HealthCare clinics are running a promotion where you can get your child’s back to school physical done for only $39. It’s normally $60 so I thought this was a huge deal. It is for a limited time only and ends 9/30/2013 so make sure you take advantage of it. But let me tell you how easy the process is. First off you can go online and make your appointment or you can also go to your local Walgreens TakeCare clinic and sign in to be seen the same day or make an appointments for another day. Another great thing is Walgreens HealthCare clinics have flexible hours including evening appointments which is a must for some working moms. I booked the kiddo appointment online for the same day at 6:30 pm. I called to make sure they had the school forms I needed (which is recommended since school forms may vary) and verified what identification would be needed when we arrived and we were all set to go.

#shop easy touch screen sign in screen

When we arrived we went straight to the area designated for the clinic. There was a huge touch screen sign in kiosk that I approached and signed in electronically. As we waited to be called I noticed the face masks, hand sanitizer pumps, Kleenex tissue boxes placed around the sign in desk. Also a phone next to the sign in kiosk where you can talk directly to a representative of the Takecare clinic. We waited about 10 minutes and then Dereon was called. The doctor gave him a thorough exam and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Once the physical was over she signed necessary papers and also asked how we would pay for the visit. What I didn’t know was Walgreens TakeCare clinic takes patients with or without health insurance and you have the options to pay with cash as well. We paid for our services and received our paper work and was free to leave. Since the Walgreens TakeCare clinic we visited is in our neighborhood we were only 5 minutes from home and we didn’t have to deal with finding a park in a busy area or paying for parking in a huge lot.

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Our experience with Walgreens HealthCare clinic was pleasant and super convenient  I recommend others to look online at Walgreens and see if they have a TakeCare clinic in your neighborhood. Keep them in mind for your back to school and work physicals and other minor health issues. You would be surprised on how quick you will be serviced, how close it is to home, and how they work around your availability while offering services extremely less than a traditional office clinic.

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