June: The Month of Miracles 

Hey guys…Happy June! We are in the 6 month of 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it. This year flew by. So many things I said I would do, places I said I would go, and goals I wanted to reach by now. The good news is I’ve done some of those things. The great news is that June is the month of Miracles so I’m getting a second chance on knocking somethings out the box!

Yup, I’m saying that this June great things are going to happen and the “shift” we all need will take place. I think the number one thing we have to do to receive the miracles that’s  waiting for us is to focus. Write your vision and make it plain. Sometimes we get so lost in the process that we lose focus on where we are going.

Secondly we have to want it! Faith without works is dead. We can’t say we want to be a millionaire yet we aren’t working on our business or saving our money.

And lastly we have to keep the faith. Stop doubting God and stop doubting yourself. If you have an idea, invention, creation, or gift use it and go with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

This June let’s be all that we want to be and more!

Tomorrow isn’t promised

Two days ago we said goodbye to my Father-in-Law. My husband lost his father and my children lost their grandfather. I was left speechless because I honestly thought he would recover from his sickness and things would be like normal or even better. Sadly that didn’t happen.

Death is going to happen, I understand that people are born and that people pass away, but when it hits home it’s a different story. The thought of a loved one no longer being around stings…memories of the past flash in your head and then you realize that you have to go on without this person. Pain.

A funeral is reminder to live. It’s a PSA to not take life for granted and to love those near to you like there is no tomorrow because sadly there might not be.

Hold your kids a little tighter tonight and make sure your family and friends know you love them.

Hello, December!


Whoa! The last month of 2015!!! Can you believe it?? I can’t. It seems like yesterday was Just the beginning. Sigh. I’m thankful for another year and to grow old, but it’s just happening so fast.

I plan on soaking up every day of December. Watching my boys grow up and trying new things. I want to live life a little more structured in 2016. For some reason 2015 was so random and kind of free spirited which isn’t bad, but with life being so short I think I should plan more and stick to it.

Anyways, enough of my random venting I want to wish you nothing, but blessings, peace, and fun this month. Enjoy your family, friends, and food!



Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!! As you spend time with your family and friends don’t forget that Jesus died so that we could live.


Let’s stop cheating ourselves. Let’s look outside of the box because the possibilities are endless. He took that beating for us to live our lives abundantly. He wants us to do great things and to touch others lives.

Our kids should know the real meaning of Easter and not just the easter bunny, baskets full of candy, and nice clothes for church. Explain that Jesus died for our sins and that he rose with all power in his hands.

I pray this Sunday is a start of an awesome season in your life and those in your family:) HAPPY EASTER! Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Decluttering Challenge: Week 1 Recap


It has been a week since I’ve started this Decluttering Challenge and I have to say so far so good! Don’t get me wrong it started off rough, I had to get use to focusing on one thing or a certain amount of time. 30 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but when there are many different things going on it is easy to quit one thing and start something else, or just taking a nap:).

I started off in the kitchen and it took me about two days to get the kitchen where I wanted it. I still have to finish off the cabinets, but I’m waiting until my husband is off from work to help me tackle it. I have have spent more than 2 hours each day in the kitchen. I then tackled Dereon’s room I sorted out the clothes he no longer can fit, the summer from the fall clothes, and little toys and objects that had taken over his dresser. I still have to work on his closet.

I have not started the “master” bedroom because I am dedicating all of next week, yes ALL of my decluttering time next week for that special project.

Overall I’m so happy I’ve started this challenge and as odd as it may sound I have found out so much about myself and my family since starting the journey. It’s very important to remember that it’s OK to giveaway and throw away items. I promise you will thank me later. Until next week…

KId and Man free vacation? Top 5 budget friendly Girl’s Night out ideas for moms

Just made it back last night from an all girl trip to Miami. Our stay was Wednesday morning til Sunday night. We had a blast! Tried lots of new things, had cocktails, went clubbing and did all kinds of sight seeing. It was. Incredible. I left the kiddo and the Hubz at home. They both had camp and work so they were busy, but I first felt guilty when I boarded the plane. I would be over 1,000 miles away from the both of them. Having fun without them. Was I wrong?

No! Every woman/mom deserves a break. Some time to themselves to unwind and relax. We give so much daily. I was reminded en route to Miami that nothing good can come from an empty person and I embraced my trip. I relished the fact I could be off mommy mode for a while. Have a few drinks, dance a little and get up to do it all over again. I didn’t have to set the alarm (other than for our planned tours) I didn’t have to wait until my son was sleep to have a drink. I didn’t need to request a kiddie menu, didnt have to listen to whatever sporting event was going on the TV and lastly I didn’t have to do anything unless I wanted to. Which is very uncommon if you are a wife, mom, or a caring woman period.

Don’t get me wrong I missed my husband and son tremendously when we landed I was so excited to hug and kiss them and to hear all about their adventures while I was gone. I couldn’t wait to hear how they missed me and how they realized I was the glue that kept our family together and organized (I didn’t hear that but a girl can dream right?) I wanted to be in MY bed again and I wanted to take a break from my vacation since I was partied out. I love being a mom and a wife. I love my son and husband more than I love myself, but every now and a then a sister needs to get back to the center. I think my 5 day break made us all appreciate the love and unity in our home.

This trip taught me a very important lesson…All girls vacations are great! Woman need to treat themselves every once in a while. It’s OK to take a break. Being a mom, a wife, or a woman in general is a full time job and we never totally stop for a breather which causes us to have melt downs. Here are some cool, cheap, and fun things to do with your girls if going on a vacation may not be in the budget for you right now:

1. Do a staycation! call your girls up and book a hotel in your city. Since you won’t need airfare try to book a 4 or 5 star hotel that way you could feel a little fancy. The goal is to experience new and different things and to unwind. While in the big city or the resort in your local area go sightsee, visit places the tourist go and find out about your city or town. You would be amazed about how much history you uncover.

2. Toy party!! That’s right get the girls together and book an adult toy rep for a Friday night girls night “X-rated” style. Have appetizers, cocktails, games and prizes. Remind the ladies no men allowed. This choice is loads of fun and not so much cash needed.

3. Waterpark fun! Find your local indoor waterpark and a have a field trip Splash Style! Girls like water too. Enjoy the daring slides, fun wave pool, and the funnel cakes. It all about having fun and letting loose you can enjoy splashing around without having to have to keep checking and watching your child(ren).

4. Sleep over!! Redbox or Netflix. Pizza or Chinese. With a few cartons of ice cream oh and don’t forget the popcorn! Make a few pallets in the front room and watch all the romantic movies your heart can take. Play truth or dare or “I’ve never” and watch the room get live.

5. Class is in session! Sign all the girls up for a class like flirty girl Pole Dance, Line Dance, Belly Dance or even swimming. Doing something all as a group makes it so much fun and also healthy for your crew’s body and soul!