A personalized letter from Santa for you child!

Children love Santa! Heck I still love Santa. It’s something about a kid’s innocence when they believe in this mystical person. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I know Jesus is the REASON for the season, but I love the whole thought of Santa and the gift giving. Even though Read More

House Party SodaStream Holiday Fizz Party! #SodaStreamFizz

A Sodastream?!! I’ve always wanted one of these puppies. Lol. I’ve watched the commercials, I’ve noticed the demos on TV shows, but I haven’t gotten around to buying one myself. So when I spotted the House Party Sodastream Holiday Fizz event I applied ASAP! I couldn’t believe I was selected. Yes!!!! The box arrived a Read More

5 tips to help you save money for Christmas 2013

So it’s no point of acting like it’s not right around the corner…yep. Christmas! Santa is busy making his toys and you should be busy stacking your coins so you won’t be super stressed this Holiday Season. Even though we all know Jesus is the reason for the season, I have come up with 5 Read More