June: The Month of Miracles 

Hey guys…Happy June! We are in the 6 month of 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it. This year flew by. So many things I said I would do, places I said I would go, and goals I wanted to reach by now. The good news is I’ve done some of those things. The great news is that June is the month of Miracles so I’m getting a second chance on knocking somethings out the box!

Yup, I’m saying that this June great things are going to happen and the “shift” we all need will take place. I think the number one thing we have to do to receive the miracles that’s  waiting for us is to focus. Write your vision and make it plain. Sometimes we get so lost in the process that we lose focus on where we are going.

Secondly we have to want it! Faith without works is dead. We can’t say we want to be a millionaire yet we aren’t working on our business or saving our money.

And lastly we have to keep the faith. Stop doubting God and stop doubting yourself. If you have an idea, invention, creation, or gift use it and go with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

This June let’s be all that we want to be and more!

Hello, December!


Whoa! The last month of 2015!!! Can you believe it?? I can’t. It seems like yesterday was Just the beginning. Sigh. I’m thankful for another year and to grow old, but it’s just happening so fast.

I plan on soaking up every day of December. Watching my boys grow up and trying new things. I want to live life a little more structured in 2016. For some reason 2015 was so random and kind of free spirited which isn’t bad, but with life being so short I think I should plan more and stick to it.

Anyways, enough of my random venting I want to wish you nothing, but blessings, peace, and fun this month. Enjoy your family, friends, and food!



April 2014


We made it to another month and a new quarter! God is so good. I pray this new month brings new opportunities, more favor, and great memories.

Whatever happened yesterday is in the the past, that was last month’s old news. You have a new start and a fresh beginning. Look ahead and stay focused. Set some goals. Personally and professionally and do your best to meet them.

Enjoy your clean slate and trust in the Lord to lead you to better days this month.