Grand Lux Cafe & Sticky Buns? A tasty combo!

I love Grand Lux Cafe! When I say love thats exactly what I mean. I’ve been going to Grand Lux for my birthday for the last 10 years, I mean it… 10 years. If not for dinner then it’s for lunch, but I have to go…it’s my tradition. I know when I go the food will be good, the service will be great, and the options will be endless for dessert!

This year was no different I celebrated my birthday at the Grand Lux with my Husband. We enjoyed our lunch. I ordered the Burbon chicken and he ordered a Ruben. We tried out the loaded Mashed Potatoes Spring Rolls. The food was plentiful and so tasty. Saying we were stuffed would be an understatement, but when it was time for dessert we both found some room for a tasty treat.

The dessert menu had so many options. Cakes, cookies, pies, and puddings. One thing particular thing caught my eye the “Sticky Bun Bread Pudding”. Sticky buns are so rich and gooey and bread pudding is so buttery I felt like that combo had to be deadly and I wanted to test it out. I’m so glad I did. My husband couldn’t keep his fork out of my plate! He tried the Warm Butter Cake which tasted like heaven too. 

I liked the Sticky Bun Bread Pudding so much I wanted the recipe. Then I found out that Sticky Bun day was coming up and I thought I would share the recipe on that day to celebrate and as a gift for my wonderful readers!

Happy Sticky Bun Day!! It’s February 21st and it’s all about the buns! Here’s the secret recipe for Grand Lux Cafe’s Famous Sticky Bun Bread Pudding. Be careful when making these because they are dangerously good.

Warm Sticky Bun Bread Pudding Recipe:
1 lb. Brioche or Challah


8 oz.(2 Sticks) Melted Butter

1/3 Cup, packed Brown Sugar

1/3 Cup Sugar

1 tsp. Cinnamon

¼ tsp. Nutmeg

¼ tsp. Salt 

2 Cups Milk

2 Cups Heavy Cream

4 ea. Eggs

4 ea. Egg Yolks

½ C. Sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1. Cut the bread into 1” cubes.

2. Place the bread cubes into a large mixing bowl.

3. Combine the butter, sugars and spices in a mixing bowl, whisking to combine completely.

4. Pour the mixture over the bread, tossing to fully coat the bread cubes with the mixture.

5. Spread out into a 9×13 baking dish.

6. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Be sure to stir the bread cubes once or twice while toasting.

7. While the bread is toasting, make the custard.

8. Whisk all ingredients together until evenly combined.

9. Once the bread has toasted, remove the pan from the oven.

10. Pour the custard over the bread cubes.

11. Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes before cooking. 

12. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and place into a 300° oven.

13. Bake for 20 minutes.

14. Remove foil from pan and continue to bake for an additional 20-25 minutes, or until light golden brown and the custard has set. You can test this by inserting a paring knife into the center of the pudding. If the knife comes away clean, or with very little pudding clinging to it, the pudding is ready.

15. Allow the pudding to cool for at least 30 minutes before serving.

16. To serve:

Top the pudding with toasted pecans and warm caramel sauce.

Serve with either vanilla ice cream or crème anglaise.

Once you try this recipe I’m sure others will be asking for it or just begging you to make it again. Thank me later! 

I am one of Carrington Farms All Good April Ambassadors!

As you may know I have decided to start living a healthy lifestyle, in which I started to eat better, be more active, and love me inside and out. Since I have started this journey I have learned so much about food and they way to prepare it more healthier which has been a true blessing. That’s why when I was asked to be an Carrington Farms All Good April Ambassador I agreed happily. Carrington Farms carry so many great items and I was super excited to try out everything.

I received Coconut cooking oil, Cold pressed Coconut oil (solid), and Organic milled Flax seeds. Let me first say the quality of the items were outstanding. I sautéed some chicken using the Coconut cooking oil and the taste was amazing, plus I was using healthier methods of preparing my food which make me happy. Now the cold pressed Coconut oil gets the most play in my house because not only do I use it with cooking I also use it on me. Yes honey Coconut oil is great for natural hair, dry skin, and nails. So that is a double win. The Flax seed was a surprise because I have been trying to get more fiber in my diet and this was the perfect addiction. You can throw the seeds in you smoothies or juice also its easy to mix in with scrambled eggs. These are staples now in my kitchen now.

Another great thing about Carrington Farms is that it’s available in so many different places, even online. To find out more about Carrington Farms and the products they offer check out their Facebook and Website where they have recipes and you can find a store near you that carries their brand. If you want to make a change in your eating habits start off small and you will be shocked on how you want to make more healthier changes.

Momma in Vegas?

Weekend before last my husband and I took off to celebrate his birthday in one of his favorite cities… Las Vegas! Since my husband’s birthday is actually on Halloween we decided to do a weekend trip so we could be home to take the kiddo trick or treating on Halloween.

Two of our close friends meet us down in Vegas and we let our hair down the whole weekend. While we were in Vegas I called Dereon to surprise him with tickets to see Kidz Bop Live! He was estatic and no longer cared when we were coming back to Chicago. LOL

Although Dennis and I went to Vegas for our Honeymoon there is no way we can get tired of a place so lively. This time we wanted to fully explore Vegas and have an “agenda”. And we got a lot done if I must say. Check out some of the pictures:

We stayed at the Bellagio and had a Fountain view room. AMAZING!

We didn’t hit the jackpot =(

We ate so much food. I know I gained about 10 pounds. My fave place was Peppermill!

If you have ever hung out with me then you would know that when I hang out and party “Kid Free” my name is Keyonce. So how fitting was this picture with my girl Beyoncé? LOL

And we ended our last night with a BANG or a shot one would say. LOL. We attended a HUGE costume party. Vegas knows how to throw a Costume party!

We have a ton of pictures, but I wanted to share the Highlights with you. Viva La Vegas! =)

Our Adventure: The 2013 Taste of Chicago |The Humana Experience

Last Wednesday me and my little family ventured to the 2013 Taste of Chicago. And we had a blast! Our first stop was the Humana Experience booth. Dereon was treated like an “adult” registered in and encouraged to try the fitness challenges. Once he received his pedometer he kept tracking his number of steps the whole day. We tried food off the Humana Passport Healthy guide and all I can keep thinking about is those tacos from Carbon grill. I got my passport stamped and had an tasty taco! Last but not least we were able to take a family picture in the photobooth as a keepsake. It was a very nice touch and a overall great experience they were right calling their area the Humana Experience because it truly was one. Check out some of our pictures.


And congrats to our Giveaway Winner Raijean Stroud that won 24 Food Tickets to this year’s Taste!

This was a sponsored post, but my thoughts were my own.

What to do when visiting the Taste of Chicago 2013 ? Check out Humana Healthier Choices *GIVEAWAY*

Visiting the Taste of Chicago this year? Check out Humana Healthier Choices!

I am a true Chicagoan. I was born and raised in Chicago and one of my favorite Chicago perks is attending the Taste! That has been a family tradition that I carry out to this day. I am a true foodie and there is always so much good food to chose from. Now that I have become a little more aware of what I eat and the portions size, I cringed a little when I heard that the Taste was in full effect. I knew I had to attend (I couldn’t break my tradition), but I didn’t want to be tempted with all the rich, fried, but tasty foods. Since I am a week away from a beach vacation every pound I lose or gain counts I had to be wise about my visit to The Taste. The heavens heard me and I did the happy dance. I found out that Humana had a Healthier choice option program this year at the 2013 Taste of Chicago. So not only could I go and enjoy all the action that The Taste offer I could also enjoy some tasty treats and eats, but know they are healthier choices and will keep me on the road of healthy eating.

Not only are they offering Healthier Choices, but also giving away awesome prizes just for sampling the Healthier choices items or completing an activity at the Humana Well Being Experience located on Congress Parkway. All you have to do is get your Humana Healthier Choices Passport Guide stamped, once you have all six stamps you turn in your passport at the Humana Booth to be entered in the giveaway. The prize drawing will be live Sunday July 14th at 3:30 PM at the The Biondi Boomer Bash with WLS-FM Host Dick Biondi. You will need your Humana Healthier Choices Passport (which can be downloaded online or picked p at your locale Dominick’s grocery store or at the Humana Booth) to help you locate all the fun activities, as well as show you all the tasty, but healthy food options you have to chose from and locations of the 20 restaurants booths that will be serving up healthier choices this year!

Talking about tasty healthier choices let me give you an example of some of the great options you will be able to try:

All of the snack/appetizers are under 320 calories

Sweet potato chips -BJ’s Market and Bakery

Celtic Corn on the Cob – O’Brien’s Restaurant

Watermelon Lemonade – Wishbone

All Main Course/Entrees are under 500 Calories

Grilled Steak Taco – Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill

Taste Portion Ham and Cheese Crepe – Flip Crepes

Pulled Chicken Sandwich – Robinson No 1 Ribs

All Desserts are 320 or less calories

Fruitti Di Bosco (mix berry sorbet) – Caffe Gelato

Taste Portion Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry – Kilwins Chocolates

Italian Ice: Cherry, Lemon or Orange – Tutto Italiano

This is just a small sample of the many poption you can chose. There are 20 Chicagoland restaurants that are participating with the Humana Healthier Choices program and 35 dishes you can try out. Just look for the green apple!

Humana isn’t playing about being healthy and active this year with the Well-Being Tour. The Humana Well-Being Tour is traveling across the country to provide people with a fresh perspective on healthy living and making its stop at Taste of Chicago from 11am to 7pm on July 10th-13th on Congress Parkway at the Humana Experience. Stop by for free Biometric Screenings, fuel up at the Hydration station, join the Walkit program for a free pedometer, take pictures at the Fit for fun photo booth, and visit their healthy food kiosk. Plus much more!

I love the new and improved healthier options available at the Taste and me and the kiddo will be there tomorrow to enjoy the festivities.

Want to try some of those healthier options too? Well one of my lucky readers will be able to win 24 tickets to be used at the 2013 Taste of Chicago. The giveaway ends 7pm (Central time) Wednesday July 10th! The winner must be able to pick up tickets in person Thursday July 11th 11am to 3pm at the Humana Experience booth! Want to win? Comment on this post with one reason why you enjoy going to the Taste and if you have never been tell me why not!

This post was a compensated post, but all the thoughts and views were mine.  Humana Healthier Choices information and the Taste tickets have been provided by Humana