June: The Month of Miracles 

Hey guys…Happy June! We are in the 6 month of 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it. This year flew by. So many things I said I would do, places I said I would go, and goals I wanted to reach by now. The good news is I’ve done some of those things. The great news is that June is the month of Miracles so I’m getting a second chance on knocking somethings out the box!

Yup, I’m saying that this June great things are going to happen and the “shift” we all need will take place. I think the number one thing we have to do to receive the miracles that’s  waiting for us is to focus. Write your vision and make it plain. Sometimes we get so lost in the process that we lose focus on where we are going.

Secondly we have to want it! Faith without works is dead. We can’t say we want to be a millionaire yet we aren’t working on our business or saving our money.

And lastly we have to keep the faith. Stop doubting God and stop doubting yourself. If you have an idea, invention, creation, or gift use it and go with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

This June let’s be all that we want to be and more!

I’m going to Blogalicious!

So a few weeks ago I noticed a contest going on Nikki and The City blog’s page. It was a contest to win a ticket to Blogalicious! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blogalicious it’s a conference for bloggers of color. Since I’ve only been blogging “seriously” for about a year everything is new to me. I just started hearing and seeing mentions of different conferences. Since I’m a newbie and want to learn everything I can about blogging I added attending a conference to my vision board. Well if you’ve ever been to a conference (blogging) or not you know they are pretty costly. And as this year passed by I placed the conference dream to 2015 and just kept working towards what I felt I could accomplish this year.

Well God had other plans y’all. I entered Nikki’s contest, although I was dicouraged because there were over 500 entries. But I entered and tried my chances even though as soon as I submitted my entry I got nervous. I didn’t want to be disappointed, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure so I kept positive thoughts and prayers in my mind. It was a LONG week! Lol. I’ll never forget when I got the tweet that I won. I screamed and laughed and was just in plain shock. I don’t win much, but that was a win for sure.

As I write this I’m headed to Texas knocking two things off my bucket list (blogging conference and to visit Texas)! The moral of this story is trust and believe in God and keep positive thoughts in your mind and on your lips. God knows how to give you your hearts desire.


Shout out to my wonderful husband and mother for making sure everything is smooth in Chicago while I travel (you know somebody has to take care of home). Thanks to my friends for all the love, support, and help. Oh and a special thank you to my son for making me a going away card.


April 2014


We made it to another month and a new quarter! God is so good. I pray this new month brings new opportunities, more favor, and great memories.

Whatever happened yesterday is in the the past, that was last month’s old news. You have a new start and a fresh beginning. Look ahead and stay focused. Set some goals. Personally and professionally and do your best to meet them.

Enjoy your clean slate and trust in the Lord to lead you to better days this month.



When your kid gets hurt and you feel like a loser…

Yesterday Dereon fell. Pretty hard. He was playing with his friends that happen to be our neighbors and he tripped and hit the concrete. Hard. He came home screaming and yelling. All the other children silently walked behind him with worry filled eyes. The left side of his face was swelling as he walkws up the back porch stairs.

After further inspection Dereon had scratches and big bruise right under his eye. His godmommy who is an RN was here and she told us to get an ice pack while she looked at the swelling. The ice pack did get the puffiness down. But now his face was beet red. Dereon was quiet at this point just staring at us with puppy eyes. I gave him some advil to reduce the pain and that really helped make him relax. We watched Robocop together and he was able to doze off.

But I was a mess. My husband told me to calm down. He kept trying to explain to me that boys fall and get hurt. Yeah other boys fall and get hurt, but not my baby:( Well apparently my son was included in that scenario now. I felt like a bad mom. But how could I have prevented him from falling? Maybe I should have made him stay in. Was this all my fault? A million different thoughts came across my mind (which none was positive) and then I finally sighed. The deed was done. What’s the point of beating myself up? Dereon would be OK. Looking like Rocky for a few days won’t be fun, but thank God it wasn’t worse. He could have needed stitches or serious medical care, but he didn’t. 

I kissed my mini Rocky and tucked him in the bed and laid next to my restfully sleeping husband and thanked God for keeping my baby from serious harm. I asked Him for a quick healing and then I was able to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I wanted to see Dereon’s face. I wanted him to be back to 100%. Of course he wasn’t, but his eye wasn’t horrendous. I smiled and kissed his forehead.  He will be OK and so will I.

I wanted to share this because I know that sometimes as mothers when our children get hurt we feel like losers, but all that matters is that we are there to reassure our children that everything will be OK and that in the midst of the chaos things could be worse. So don’t feel down mom, you are your kid’s Super Hero! You are meant to kiss the boo boos and make things normal again even if your once baby face baby looks like Rocky Balboa 🙂