5 tips on how to avoid Back To School Colds!

Back to school time here in Chicago and all the parents are pretty excited! Summer came and went quickly and now Fall is staring us in the face. Dereon started school 2 weeks ago and it was all bliss until this past Monday when he started sneezing, coughing, and wiping his running nose. Sigh. I started to doctor him up immediately and in the process got myself sick. I started to feel real bad by Wednesday…Chance started to feel sick too. I’m still in the bed now trying to get to 100% before Monday. Chance is a fighter and he’s still getting into everything, but with a running nose and watery eyes. Dereon is feeling better since he has given his cooties to us. The husband has been working so hard he has kind of skipped the plague. Lol. Now that I look back at what I did wrong and I want to help you avoid the chaos a common cold can cause.

  1. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer! Sounds easy I know, but we don’t wash our hands enough. We have to reinforce this on our kiddos as well because his is the main way we spread germs.
  2. Take your vitamins! I know that vitamins can get costly and sometimes people have different side effects, but I recommend finding a good multivitamin for you and the kiddos to help keep your immune system up.
  3. Get your rest! Sleep is important because it relates to immune system and it just helps your overall health. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep nightly may seem impossible, but if you put you phone down and turn Love and Hip Hop off and go to bed. 
  4. Drink Orange Juice! Once I start feeling sick I instantly start downing orange juice. Vitamin C is jammed packed in orange juice which helps your body fight the cooties!
  5. Change your toothbrush! Your toothbrush is constantly collecting your germs every time you brush. When you use the same toothbrush you keep introducing those germs to your body so it’s hard to fight those nasty cold germs. Cop a new toothbrush and thank me later.

I hope these tips help you and your family stay cold free this Back to School season. 

Frigid cold hits Chicago! 5 tips to help keep you warm

Yikes! It’s freezing. Monday felt like -12 and today the highest is 5! Yes 5 degrees. I know living in the Midwest means you are going to have cold winters, but this has been the coldest 2 days of my life. No joke!

The CPS cancelled school 2 days in a row which is a BIG deal. Mostly all Chicago government offices were closed, some CTA train services were shut down, and there were a few deaths reported in regards to men having heart attacks while shoveling the show. Illinois was declared a state of disaster!

Pretty scary right? So today my husband and I called and checked on the elderly, stopped at the grocery store to stock up in some food, and started the car and let it run a few so the battery wouldn’t die. The kiddo had to stay in because it was way too cold.

If you are in an area that is experiencing the frigid cold currently please follow these tips:

1. Make sure you have working jumper cables in your car. Your battery may need some help to start because of the cold. Also have a gas can in the trunk.

2. Start your car and let it run a while before traveling even if it’s a short trip.

3. Dress in layers!! Hoodies, leggings, two pairs of socks, etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. If you are using a space heater or turning on your oven for extra heat please monitor it and don’t sleep with them on, this may cause a fire.

5. To keep your home a little warmer cover windows and the base of the doors with plastic to keep draft air out.

Bundle up guys and stay safe!