Tips of how to be a Girl Boss!

Want to be a part of a webinar that empowers women to become entrepreneurs and to show them how to start and grow their own food business? Well this is the thing for you. Today Thursday October, 20th 2016 join Nicole Enearu and Nely Galan as they give you the tips to be a girl boss! To sign up and attend this event click here.

Nicole Enearu owns a McDonald’s franchise as a family business with her mom and sister. In this webinar, she gives you insight into the world of franchise ownership and shows you step by step how to become a franchise owner – from financial investment to training and operations. 

Nely Galan is a women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship advocate, Emmy Award-winning television producer, and a serial entrepreneur, who BELIEVES that helping women to become self-made is both a movement and a mission! After becoming self-made on her own terms, Galán has made it her mission to teach women—regardless of age or background—how they too can become entrepreneurs.

As a mom all I could think about is how they do it all. Check out my some of the Q&A’s I had for them.

Nely Galán

Are you a mom? If so, how do you tackle it all?

Yes, I am a mom, so I can very much relate to all the mothers out there who are up against the challenge of tackling it all. One of the ways I manage to accomplish this is by making my son a part of the process. What do I mean by this? I believe one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship is “passing the torch” to our kids. If, for example, I have to speak at a conference or attend a book-signing, I’ll often bring my son along and find a way to include him. Since he’s a teenager, he’s more adept at social media than I am, so I often ask him to help me by posting or taking photos on the fly. Also, by including my son in my career, I get the opportunity to teach by example. He sees me in action, and learns first-hand what it means to truly hustle, and what it takes to get things done. In a way, it’s like an in-house internship for him.  

What’s the best advice that you have for a woman trying to start her own business?

One of the most important things to do before starting your own business is to first save one year of salary. Having a year of savings in the bank allows you the freedom to give it your all, to throw yourself into the new endeavor with every cell of your body. I tell women who want to start their own businesses to first get out of debt; to lower their overhead; and to consider starting a business on the side (while they’re still employed and earning income!), and save 100% of that money. We’re so lucky to live in the era of the sharing economy, which provides enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs to not only sell products, market businesses and lower their overhead, but also to work part-time or full-time from home. Why not milk this opportunity as a way to liberate yourself from the burden of simultaneously having to pay your bills and grow your new business?


Nicole Enearu 

Are you a mom? If so, how do you tackle it all?

I am not a mom, however my mother set a great example growing up on being able to manage both worlds; parenting and a career. I also admire my sister, who has small children, and tackles it all like a super woman. My mother and sister are my daily reminder that women can be successful in their businesses and still be terrific mothers. 

What’s the best advice that you have for a woman trying to start her own business?

The best advice I can offer is to start with something you have a passion for and understand there will be lots of hard work in the short term for a rewarding pay-off in the long term.

Check out the webinar it’s Free! Also if you catch the post and missed the live feed please know the Webinars can be viewed on the Adelante website between November 1 and November 30, 2016. Visit here to watch your first webinar today!

June: The Month of Miracles 

Hey guys…Happy June! We are in the 6 month of 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it. This year flew by. So many things I said I would do, places I said I would go, and goals I wanted to reach by now. The good news is I’ve done some of those things. The great news is that June is the month of Miracles so I’m getting a second chance on knocking somethings out the box!

Yup, I’m saying that this June great things are going to happen and the “shift” we all need will take place. I think the number one thing we have to do to receive the miracles that’s  waiting for us is to focus. Write your vision and make it plain. Sometimes we get so lost in the process that we lose focus on where we are going.

Secondly we have to want it! Faith without works is dead. We can’t say we want to be a millionaire yet we aren’t working on our business or saving our money.

And lastly we have to keep the faith. Stop doubting God and stop doubting yourself. If you have an idea, invention, creation, or gift use it and go with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

This June let’s be all that we want to be and more!

Social Media Week Chicago 2013 Day 1 recap #SMWChicago

This is my first year going to Social Media Week here in Chicago and I am super pumped! I have a full agenda planned.

Here is a quick blurb from their Facebook page in regards to what Chicago Media Week is:
Social Media Week is a global initiative to explore the cultural and economic impact of social media. The event highlights expert discussions, workshops and networking opportunities, with most events free and open to the public.

The Google sign

My Social Media Week agenda started off with Google. The Google+ session was fantastic! Just the whole thought of being at “Google” was pretty inspiring. Oh and the cute green dot pen they gave us was petty cute. The host was Interactive Amy and she was funny, well informed, and pleasant. The information she presented was helpful, well organized, and relevant. I struggle with totally understanding Google+ so this workshop gave me a little more knowledge and the motivation to really figure it out.

Inside the Google conference room

Google’s office space is innovative, fun, and engaging. They have different themes on each floor and I just fell in love with one of the floors they decorated from the theme of Chicago in the 1920’s. They have a Speakeasy! How cool is that? Let’s not forget the view! The office is dead smack in the middle of beautiful Downtown Chicago and the view of the skyline is priceless from their floor to ceiling windows. Thank you Google!

The view...


After leaving Google at 3:55 (Google doesn’t think any meeting should be a total 30 minutes or a full hour so all their meetings are either 25 minutes or 50 minutes so you can have time to get to your next meeting). I rushed to my session with Morningstar. Since I was running late I took a cab. I was only about 5 minutes late, but it seemed like the class was in session for a while because the presenter was deep into his personation. The whole auditorium was packed so I struggled to find an open seat once I secured one and took out my notebook it was only a few minutes left. Although the session was slotted for 1 hour the presenter only used 35 minutes and wanted to save the other 25 minutes for questions. I picked up a few gems out of the class, but I believe this class was for business owners trying to get their websites noticed.

Thank God for Aleve

As the session ended I was hit with a blinding headache. I believe it was from hunger and also looking at computer screens and power point presentations for over two hours. Thankfully there was a Walgreens across the street from Morningstar and I was able to grab a travel size of Aleve. I then quickly walked a block and a half to McDonalds to grab something to put on my stomach before I took my pain pill. I was able to kind of gather my thoughts and prepare for the other planned events that ware less than an hour away.

Food from #foodiechats created by Yolk

After I took my pill, ate my food, and took a breather I took a Cab to Yolk for the #foodieChats event and was pleasantly surprised with the food and drink selection. Everything was well organized and the food was tasty. They had giveaways and I even won a $25 gift card to an upcoming boutique! I made a mental note to check out Yolk again, next time with my husband.



After the tasty Banana French toast skewers and fresh strawberry orange juice mimosas, I hiked to Billy Dec’s Rockit Bar and Grill for Social Media Week Chicago’s opening party. The walk wasn’t bad, but since I had a pretty full day I just wasn’t feeling it. I was carded at the door (yes I have a baby face) and I entered to see tables full and the bar packed. No one came to seat us or lead us to an open table (if there was one) so I just looked around one good time and left. I was exhausted.

Crossing the Chicago river on my way home..

But overall day one was pretty cool. Great experiences and I am excited for the rest of my week exploring Social Media Week Chicago!

Blogging 101 aka Blogging for dummies

Before I started my blog I wanted to know all the Do’s and Don’ts of blogging and how I could merge it into the social media world that I’m addicted to. Of course the first place I went to get information is Google, I read many articles and blog entries on blogging and how to start off as a blogger. After I read enough I ventured over to YouTube and watched a few guru’s explain the industry and some key points. With all that information swimming in my head I sat down and started my Blog – A Real Urban Mom! Finding my name wasn’t hard because I wanted a name that would sum me and my writing point of view and I believe A Real Urban Mom does just that.

Now that I had a name what was next? Since I have been addicted to social media for a while I have a wide range of online friends and associates, some of them happen to be bloggers. When my local blogger friends post events I normally attend if I can because I have always thought it was a cool profession and since I am a lover of all things social how could I miss an event filled with social people like myself? Days after I started my blog and had added a few entries I seen a post in one of the Facebook Mommy groups I am a member of about an upcoming Chicagoland Blogging Workshop with Kris Cain! I registered Instantly and started to jot my questions down. Since I had attended a social event hosted by Kris and T-Mobile before I honestly knew I would learn a lot about blogging and have fun while doing so.

When I arrived at the workshop Kris had snacks, a projector and screen with a in-depth PowerPoint presentation. She informed the group on the varies blog conferences, proper blogging protocol, which social media groups to join on Facebook and online networks to register with. Kris also pointed out ways to make money while blogging, but explained we shouldn’t starting blogging to just make money or think that we would start off making thousands of bucks being a newbie. What sold me about the workshop is she pulled up my blog on the projector screen and showed me ways to instantly improve my blog and make it more user-friendly.

Every question was answered in detailed and she showed example of some of the worse blogs she has witnessed as well as some of the best out on the World Wide Web. The workshop was extremely helpful, fun, informative and addicting. I can’t wait for her next workshop. Check out her website and let her know Keyonda sent you!