Sunday Fun Day! #RoadToRaces 

I told you guys about the Cars 3 event that was happening in certain cities. Well Sunday I drove out to Schaumburg to Woodfield Mall to let the boys have a little adventure. I’m glad we ventured out and joined in on the Cars 3 fun!

Shout out to the sponsors because they had cute activities to keep the kids busy while several photo opportunities. 

Dereon won some Cars Toothpaste from the Crest tent. 

We had some tasty smoothies at the Dole tent. 

We also got to watch some behind the scenes footage of the new Cars 3 movie while being in this huge truck that was turned into a movie theater that fit 90 people pretty comfortably I must say.

The clip we saw was so good it left us wanting more. It even grabbed Chance’s attention and if you aren’t Mickey Mouse then it’s pretty hard to do that. Expect to laugh, cry, and cheer!

The highlight of the event is definitely seeing Lightning McQueen and his other CoStars! When I tell you those cars are pretty, trust me! 

Fun times for sure! Make sure you check out Cars 3: Road To Riches June 16th. 

2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day! #RoadToRaces 

  1. Looks like yall had a blast. I have got to see if Cars will be coming to Atlanta(I’m sure they may), because would love to take my niece and nephew to see it.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Yes it comes out in June so definitely take the kiddos to see it. The preview was so good!

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