Spring Clean with Mean Green!

It’s Spring time and it’s time to get to cleaning. There is no way around it with the seasons changing our wardrobe and other needs sort of change. Instead of our big heavy winter coats we may want our thin jackets, instead of staying in during the weekend you may want to sit on the back porch, or invite every one over for Easter. No matter how hard the task is your collection of Mean Green can get the job done.

As a mom of two I find myself overwhelmed with cleaning and chores. Sometimes I silently protest and don’t clean a thing, but then after I snap out of it I realize I haven’t don’t anything but hurt myself because now my mess is a bigger mess. No Fairy God Mother is going to come help it’s all up to me. So to get productive I always blast my music, light my scented candles, and give the kids their iPads to enjoy while I clean. Good quality supplies is a must because I don’t have time or energy to waste. When I found out about Mean Green products I was iffy and wanted to give it a try to see if it really worked. Once I sampled the cleaners I was impressed and decided to use the brand for my Spring Break clean up.

How to Spring Break Clean:

  1. Get it done! Don’t procrastinate. The longer you put it off the unhappier you will be.
  2. Be reasonable. You aren’t Wonder Woman sometimes you need more than 1 week.
  3. Use quality products. Mean Green has a impressive cleaning line with a great price point.
  4. Maintenance! Okay you’ve done a remarkable job, try to do a daily light cleaning routine so you can avoid your mess piling up again.

I have some serious plans for my home and I know keeping it clean through out the year is a task, but it’s something I want to achieve which means there has to be a lot of self control. I’ve also given my children and husband chores so they can assist me and I can feel less stressed at least when it comes to cleaning.

A brand you can trust!

Mean Green is the #1 Heavy Duty Cleaner in America. Mean Green is the strongest, most honest degreaser & cleaner that’s affordable and readily available. I don’t even entertain any other brands when I have a heavy duty job to do like my baseboards or cleaning my walls. The Super Power spray worked as soon as I sprayed it and smelled wonderful. Then I used the Orange Champ to clean my toddler’s car seat out and it was a breeze. I can’t wait to walk you down the whole line and show you all that Mean Green has to offer and how to make it work for you and your family. 

*This is a sponsored post I am a Mean Green Ambassador, but all thoughts and opinions are of my own. 

Happy cleaning!

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    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Trust me sis it does!

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