Southwest Crockpot Chili

What’s the best part of the Fall and Winter months? The warm and comforting food. There is nothing like a warm cup of soup or a nice hearty bowl of Chili! I remember being a kid and my mom would make a huge pot of chili for dinner and we could feast off that pot for days and the longer it sat in the fridge the better it became. 

As a mom I try to make those food memories and connections like my mom for my kids. There’s nothing like seeing your kids empty dinner plate and a smile on their face, that’s my aim! Most times when I’m cooking dinner I want to please my crowd (most of the time lol). My Grandmother use to tell me when you cook don’t be in a rush because it won’t come out right. She also told me one of her secret to making her food so amazing and it was cooking with love. 

Just last week my oldest asked for some Chili. It was a pretty cold and rainy Monday so I thought that was a great idea. I had the hubby pull the crockpot out and I ran to my local grocery store to grab the items I needed. A few things I always had in my cabinets like the crushed & dived tomatoes. All of the items were picked up that day. 

I had the Chili slow cooking while I did household chores and Dereon was in school. I snap chatted the whole proces (@arealurbanmom). The smell of the ingredients simmering rolled into every room in my house. I was counting down the time until dinner and my stomach growled a few times too LOL. 

When it was time for dinner I sat loaded bowls in front of everyone and before I could sit down good they were asking for seconds! Clean up took no time and our left overs were savory and quick to prepare. We even made Chili dogs in the middle of the week. 
Here’s what I used for my SouthWest Chili:

1 Medium onion 

1 Large red & green bell pepper (seeded and chopped)

Minced garlic 

Ground beef

1 Can of crushed tomatoes 

1 Can of diced tomatoes 

2 Cans of black beans 

2 Cans of red kidney beans 

1 Can of sweet corn 

Onion powder 

Garlic powder

Black pepper 

Season Salt

Packaged taco or chili seasoning 

Soul cream* garnish 

Shredded cheese* garnish 

1. Chop your veggies (onions, & bell peppers)

2. Set your Crockpot to low and line your Crockpot with a Crockpot liner. This helps make clean up super quick and easy! 

3. Brown your ground beef and add the chopped veggies towards the end so they can soften a little. Add your seasonings.

4. Open up all the cans of beans, corn, and tomatoes. 

5. Add all the canned items, ground beef, and veggies to the crockpot.

6. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

7. Serve with cornbread or oyster cracker and add shredded cheese and sour cream!

Try out this recipe and let me know your thoughts. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. What’s your favorite Fall dish to prepare or eat?

4 thoughts on “Southwest Crockpot Chili

  1. I cannot wait to try this recipe! I was actually lucky enough to taste this dish and it was EVERYTHING! The sour cream on top is something that I normally wouldn’t do it but it’s a real treat! Looking forward to more recipes keep them coming!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      The sour cream on top is definitely a treat! It mixes cool with warm and a little spice with subtle. I have to have sour cream on my chili. Lol. More recipes coming soon! Next time I’ll share the recipe for my wildly requested Apple Dumplings.

  2. I will definitely try this!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      It’s so easy & tasty! Let me know once you make it.

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