My son is going to Middle School and I’m crying…

Middle School Blues

Ugh. I hate being that emotional mom. The one waving their goodbyes with a Kleenex in hand and blood shot eyes. But guess what guys? I just cried. Yes, a real cry. My oldest baby is going to middle school. Where has time gone? We were just talking him to 1st grade be now he’s heading up there with the big leagues. I’m excited, happy, and scared.

Of course I know kids grow up I’ve seen my sister go from a baby to a young lady with a thriving hair business. But how in the world is MY first born starting middle school? Switching classes, using lockers, and trying out for sport teams will be a reality this school year. I remember just worrying about bringing the best snacks for his class in kindergarten and now he wants me to understand the importance of his bi-weekly hair cuts and sneakers.

New School New Rules

I prayed over my baby and I asked God to protect him and keep him surrounded around good influences. This is a new journey, for all of us. He’s attending a new school so I know it may be nerve wrecking making new friends while adjusting to middle school, but we’ve got this. The new school is further away from our home which is another reason why I cried a little. His old school was a few blocks away and Chance and I use to walk up there last school year. With the new school it’s a 10 minute drive.

Hanging with the big dogs

Dereon is a great kid; he’s a huge help to me when my husband is gone to work, he steps in as man of the house and takes out the trash and assists with Chance. He’s so advance and well spoken that it surprises me sometimes so I’m not worried about academics. If he is struggling with class work he’s very vocal and gets assistance in that area right away. I just know this is the time where influences become a huge roll in kids lives and I’m not talking about adult role models because he has plenty great figures in his life including my husband who is his amazing dad and best friend. It’s the aspect of new friends and the image of what’s “cool” and what isn’t cool.

The plan is to observe his new friends and keep an eye on his development and growth. He can’t have any social media other than musically because I know that’s a huge mess with kids these days and I don’t think it’s appropriate yet. I won’t put him in a bubble and shelter him, but I just want to let him grow gradually and mature fully on his own.

As my husband pulled off with him this morning to take him to school I smiled. I smiled after the tears because he’s becoming a young man and I’m so excited about his future!

I know I can’t be the only cry baby mom out there, I would love to hear your thoughts. Did you get emotional when your kids headed back to school? What grade really made you a little nervous?

3 thoughts on “My son is going to Middle School and I’m crying…

  1. Antoinetta says:

    Its normal mom now it seems like time comes and goes. We must continue to pray over our children and instill in them the right values and Morales. They are approaching that age group now. I truly understand.

    Sign mom of 4

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      So true! All we can do is have faith in God, pray, and expose them to the right things.

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