How to SLAY your Family’s Holiday Photos!

If you’ve followed me on any of my many social media outlets then you already know I’m a fan of pictures. Now I’m not a professional with the camera and my lighting isn’t always right but you always “get the picture” LOL. As the holidays began to roll around I started thinking about our Christmas cards and how I wanted to slay this year’s Holiday photos because our family is now complete (no more babies) and Chance is old enough to kind of understand directions for posing etc. I was already playing with photo ideas when Portrait Innovations reached out asking to partner up this Holiday season so you know I was giddy with joy. A match made in heaven!

First off making an appointment is super easy. They confirmed my appointment a day before which also reminded me to get myself together because our shoot was only 24 hours away. Now I will give my Chicago readers a disclaimer. There is no Chicago locations. We went to the Merrillville, IN location which isn’t a bad drive on the weekends (45 mins from the west side of Chicago) there is also one in Fairfield Heights, IL and Rockford, IL plus several other locations nationwide. For the quality of pictures and service you receive its worth the drive. Make it a family day with lunch or dinner maybe.

We headed out last Sunday morning to go get our pictures taken. I found the cutest little theme that we could rock as a family; Buffalo Plaid Red flannel tops and black bottoms I literally found these shirts the night before. You know when the office called to remind me about my shoot I ran out and headed to the mall. Once we arrived at the studio Chance went straight to the kiddie area and played with legos and blocks. I of course had to check my make up and hair and make sure that everyone looked up to part.

After a few minutes of waiting we were called into our photo room and went right to work. They had so many different props available and Chance kept running off the set to  play with the props or head back to the lego table, but we ended up getting him together. I had to remind myself he’s a toddler and to relax and focus on being present in the moment and to smile for the camera.



Kelsey was our photographer and Amanda came in to assist once we realized Chance wasn’t trying to calm down and be a professional 2 year old. Kelsey had patience and she knew exactly the style of photos we wanted. She took over 80 pictures and caught some of the greatest moments. After we shot we sat down and viewed all the pictures. We laughed so hard on the outtakes and “ooohh’d” on the nice shots. I wanted all the pictures because I couldn’t risk not being able to print them all out. Portrait Innovations doesn’t save your pictures so it important to get all the disc with all your pictures uploaded because then you can always print more copies etc.

Overall I think we rocked our Holiday photos and I can’t wait to share them with our family and friends. I want you to slay this Holiday season and have the perfect Holiday photos and Christmas cards. I’ll share a few more pics on the blog closer to Christmas. Check out my tips below.

tips on How to slay your holiday photos:

  1. Come up with a nice theme or color scheme – When we came into the studio with our little matching “Lumberjacks” outfits on we heard so many “ooohhs and awwws” I knew we made the right choice. LOL. Not only is it cute, but it really made our pictures pop.
  2. Be on time for your photos – If you know my family then you know that we can run late sometimes. Well, running late causes people to get irritated and moody which doesn’t work well when you are suppose to be smiling. Be on time so you can have time to fix messed up clothing, redo your lipstick, or even take a quick selfie before the session starts,
  3. Be natural and have fun – I know as moms we want these photos perfect! We don’t want our toddlers frowning or looking mischievous on our pictures, but sometimes those pictures are the best and they broadcast that kid’s personality. Relax and smile and watch the photographer make magic.
  4. Think about some of those “must have” shots and tell the photographer – Our photographer Kelsey knew what look I was going for before I could even ask.But if you have something you really want to do tell the photographer they want to make sure you love all of your pictures.
  5. Don’t think about the cost – I know, I know…I am a frugal Momma myself, but when it comes yo pictures I want them done right and I want to be proud of them and share them all over. There is an old saying “you get what you pay for” these pictures will last a long time. Since I don’t do photoshoots often I tend to splurge once or twice a year for professional shots.

This Holiday season wow your friends and family with beautiful photos full of your family personality and love. If there is a Portrait innovations near you I recommend you try it out with your family. They currently have some great deals going on currently. The 42 portraits for $29.99 (not including their handling charge or tax) deal is impressive it is just for one pose, but it includes Holidays cards and a variety of different sizes of prints. Plus you can always upgrade your package to customize your price point and wants. Check out their site and book an appointment. Thank me later.

Are you planning to take family photos this Holiday? If so any tips on how to have a successful shoot? 


This is a sponsored post with Portrait Innovations, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.



8 thoughts on “How to SLAY your Family’s Holiday Photos!

  1. You all definitely slayed these photos. Simply adorable!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much sis!

  2. The pictures came out beautiful!!! The picture with Chance and the cookies is priceless. It looks like everyone had a great time and look at Dennis smiling.

    I was telling Will a few months ago that I want us to get some family portraits. I already have the theme picked out in my head. LOL!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thank you O! I really like them. Chance face with the cookies had me cracking up.

      You guys have to do it now that you have baby Dylan! Make sure you send me pics.

  3. Pics are beautiful! Loving the theme with the red. Being in the photo is what I have to do more of in the new year

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much Kita! Yes, you have to be in the shot more. You take great pics of the kids and everyone else. Happy Holidays!

  4. Beautiful Pictures and an even MORE Beautiful Family! Ya’ll Sharp as a tact! lol

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Lol. Thanks so much!! Matching makes taking pictures so much fun. Happy Holidays!

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