Six Flags Great America Fright Fest Fun! Plus Last Chance Ticket Opportunity…

Last weekend to Six Flags Great America for Fright Fest! This wasn’t my first time…I love amusement parks so this was more like my 6th time attending Fright Fest, but it was the first time for everyone else I brought with me. Dereon my oldest son has been to Great America just never to Fright Fest, My little sister Dionne and Brother in Law JJ  have never been to GA at all so they were in for a big treat. Fright Fest isn’t just the amazing Roller Coasters and Rides that Great America offers all Summer long it also includes some scary fun and a complete dramatic change to the scenery.

The music blaring through the loud speakers are pretty creepy, the ponds and river are now filled with fake blood, and after 6 pm there is an uprising….weird scary things tend to happen. I don’t recommend  Fright Fest after 6 pm for younger kiddos that get scared because it gets really dark and the actors are pretty intense. If you like a scare and thrill then Fright Fest is for you.

The kids and I hit the ground running when we arrived. The line to get in moved quickly and we headed to our first ride the “Giant Drop”. We walked slowly to peep the decor and soak up the cool sights. As we walked I downloaded the Six Flags app because I read that it has an interactive map and the latest wait time at your finger tips. I don’t know about you, but I hate walking over to get in line for a ride and then I see the long wait time. So with the app I was able to decide on which ride we would wait for and which rides we would try later on in the evening or the next visit.

The wait times weren’t too bad. We conquered so much for the time we arrived until the time we decided to head out which was closing time LOL. The kids couldn’t stop comparing the rides they conquered and started to put them on their top 5 lists.  We stopped and snacked on some nachos that were tasty and filling.

save $25 and visit this weekend!

If you are free this weekend I think you should head to Six Flags Great America and take advantage of their “Last Call” tickets for their first annual beer, wine and food Last Call Fall Festival taking place on weekends November 4 – 19. Save $25 when you buy tickets online at least one day before your visit. Also look into getting their 2018 Season Pass so you can be prepared to enjoy season opening and even Fright Fest 2018! Season Pass has a lot of benefits like unlimited  visits, free admission days for friends, and if you get it now they are offering a free upgrade to the Gold Pass and Free Season Parking Pass! I mean for less than $70 you can be set for the whole year this is perfect for thrill seekers like myself.

If you head out to the Park this weekend make sure you tag me in your social media shares so I can share in your adventure!



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