Shining Bright! Fun at the Dragon Lights Festival

Chicago has one of the best Skylines in the world…hands down. The buildings, the lights, and Lake Michigan combined makes an pretty view. When you add an additional thousand twinkling lights down at Solider Field you have magic! The Dragon Lights Festival has invaded Chicago and it’s beautiful. The family and I went to check it out this weekend and we were impressed!

The Dragon Lights Festival is full of over 40 HUGE hand crafted Lanterns covered with hand painted silk and 1,000 lights. It may sound like nothing major but when you drive by you can see the massive statues and when you are up close you can see the amazing details. They even have a 200 foot dragon! It took more than 60 artists a full month to create the sculptures actually at Solider Field. Chinese Lantern art goes back to 206 BCE so this is culture and history merged together.

I don’t want to spoil your experience, but I have to fill you in of the exhibits and share some of my favorite parts of our experience. The meanings behind the art is posted on the side of each exhibit take your time and read them. It will explain the concept and meaning of the symbols in their culture. Extremely interesting.

When you arrive at the South Gate of Solider Field you will be impressed at what is in front of you. The Dragon Lights Chicago is running until May 6th 2018. The times are 5:30pm – 10:00pm Sunday – Thursday 5:30pm – 11:00pm Friday – Saturday. Tickets are on sale here and the price ranges from $13 for Children to $20 for adults. VIP packages are available and family 4 packs are only $45!

Not only will you be impressed with the structures, but they also have a live performance twice a day during the week and three times on the weekend. They have acts that will blow your mind. Be prepared to stand because they aren’t any seats so if you have small kids try to line up early so you can be in the front.

The family and I really had a great time seeing the art work and reading about the meaning being the creations. As we headed home we shared which was our favorite piece and why. Since Chance is so small we asked him what colors did he see and he explained in details the vast colors he noticed. Lol. Dereon loved the Frog and the emoji looking characters. My favorite was the Elephant it’s simply beautiful! My husband was impressed with the Emperor and his warriors. He stood and looked at all the small details. Such a great family experience.

The weather is breaking here in Chicago so this is the perfect time to pack the family up and head to Solider Field! It’s only until May 6th so don’t wait too long!

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