Preparing for Christmas in the Fall! 

I know Fall just got here, but I’m mentally already in the Winter season preparing for Christmas. Since Dereon is 9 and pretty mature his Christmas list has slowly started to change and he started asking for less items, but now the few things he does list is pretty expensive And since Baby Chance is only 1 we will get him a few little things for him to open up on Christmas morning, but nothing too major. So to be proactive this year I told him to write his Christmas list a little earlier than the traditional November time frame. He came up with 10 things and half of them were very inexpensive so I smiled with glee, but then as the list continued I saw more tech savvy items like a Drone which isn’t cheap. I sighed. A drone? Really? The wheels in my head started to turn and I realized that I could get the Drone and the few other items he requested if I started knocking them out now. No reason in waiting until December to shop when you already know what you are getting.

I made a few calls and found out that Walmart’s Christmas layaway is in full force and that I can start shopping now and making payments to pay my total off. How awesome is that? But wait it gets better! Kmart has a layaway too and it’s active throughout the year. 

Not only is Layaway a good way to prepare early for Christmas, but here are a few other tips to get you ready for the season to be jolly.

1. Make a list of everyone you are buying a gift for and come up with a budget.

2. Stick to your budget! 

3. Look online for the items on your list. I’ve seen huge price differences from online prices and instore prices. 

4. If you shop at a certain store for your Christmas shopping then start buying gift cards for that store now. $5 here…$10 there…adds up. If you do this a few times in October alone you could have a $100 gift card balance by November to help tackle Santa’s long list.

5. Be realistic! If it’s something on your list that you can’t afford, don’t fret. For example your hubby wants a 50″ 3D TV and it’s not in your budget try to see if you can get him a pair of those virtual reality glasses & game bundle packs. Or give him some cash or a gift card on that big ticket item in a cool card. Don’t stress or go into debt for a Christmas gift because then you are missing the real reason for the season!
Happy Shopping guys! I’ll be back with more money saving tips, holiday gift guides, and giveaways for this Christmas season.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas in the Fall! 

  1. I LOVE this post. I was going to wait until December to have my kids write their list to Santa. I might move that up to next week!
    It’s good to be prepared for a hectic holiday like Christmas. These are great tips.
    Another tip is to save toward Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – things are SO discounted there that it will make a huge difference.
    This is my favorite time of the year.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much Paula! It’s nothing like being prepared. We know it’s coming so let’s get ready! Oh and I love Black Friday too.

  2. I thought about doing my list the other day…but of course, I hadn’t written it out yet. I really don’t want to be last minute this year. I think you spend more $$$ that way. these are some great points mentioned here. However, reading this post, I need to get on it….like now! Thank you for the push! this post was right on time.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Make that list hunny. Then start researching and gathering up items. If you wait until the last minute you are going to be stressing out over it.

  3. Great post. I think after # 2 every other suggestion should have been see #2. Personally, I like Black Friday. If you have a strategy and a plan you can do it all in one day, Now to just get those gift cards you suggested (great idea) so I will be ready for Black Friday!. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks Sharice for stopping by! I love Black Friday too but my goal this year is to be almost completely done by the time a black Friday rolls around. Only grab stocking stuffers and other items that are amazing deals! Lol.

  4. Jolona Martin says:

    Never thought to buy little gift cards here and there. Great idea, thanks

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      No problem! Thanks for stopping by and reading some of the tips. I have a other post coming soon on how to prepare for Christmas.

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