The Struggle of Potty Training Your Second Kid

Record Breaker

Potty training is hard no matter if it’s your first, second, or third child. Getting a little toddler who is obsessed with saying the word “no” to sit on an foreign object while begging them to pee and poop isn’t easy. There is a science to mastering the potty, but it seems to change with each child that you have. This journey isn’t for the weak.

When I had my first son potty training seemed to fall in his lap. He began to get uncomfortable when his diaper was wet or soiled and would pull or tug at the pamper. Since he was my first kid i didn’t pick up on this at first I honestly thought that I would have to change pamper brands again, but my mother noticed and said “he’s ready to start potty training”. I instantly told my husband to start letting the kiddo shadow him to the bathroom. It took about two weeks, but we did it! We mastered potty training in record breaking time and didn’t have to spend any more money on diapers and baby wipes.

and then there were 2…

Baby number 2 was different from my first baby immediately. Chance came out very serious and it took a lot to make him laugh. He was only focused on eating on time and being held the right way, nothing else mattered. Now that he is a toddler his personality difference between him and my oldest son is overwhelmingly apparent. Chance will be two soon and he’s very mature for his age. Around 18 months he began to pull and tug at his pamper, just like his brother use to and since I am a pro at being a mom I knew what this meant I ran to the nearest Walmart and grabbed a potty. I sat him down on his pot and begged him to “be a big boy” and to “pee for mommy”. Well my first one did it with no problems so this one should too right? Not! Chance got up from the potty and danced around in my front room bottomless. And then he peed on the floor.

Don’t compare apples to oranges

No kid is alike they may have some similarities, but they won’t be identical.  I have 2 younger sisters and my mom has 3 different potty training stories for all of us  (my middle sister was the hardest to train…don’t tell her I told you). My oldest son did everything by the book. He slept through the night by two months old, walked at ten months old, was potty trained by two years old. Our youngest son still sneaks in our room to sleep with us at night, walked two weeks before his first birthday, and is still playing the potty war game with us days away from his second birthday. Even though Chance did some things later than my oldest he did some things sooner too. Like using a tablet and cell phone like a pro at one, speaking in short sentences before two, and feeding himself correctly at 18 months old. Everyone learns differently and at different paces so please don’t beat yourself up if your daughter was potty trained before she turned 2 and your almost 3 year old is still rocking his Pull Ups. Your little one may have started walking at an earlier age than her or weaned from the bottle easier. Don’t keep score or compare.

same mission different tactic

Chance is getting better with letting us know when he has to pee, he’s staying dry through the night, and he understand the concept of toilet tissue (a little too well if you ask me). He is still on pampers, but I have vowed to not buy another box of pampers! My plan is to get him a box of Pull Ups and see how he response to them. Once he conquers the art of going with a little coaching then I can introduce big boy underwear. This is completely different from how we trained our first born, but the goal is the same. We are going to master potty training again even if we have to reinvent the playbook.

2 thoughts on “The Struggle of Potty Training Your Second Kid

  1. I’m so NOT ready to potty train but I know it’s coming soon. You are correct each child is different. My first kid potty trained himself after a few accidents here and there. He would watch me all of the time when I used the bathroom (even though he wasn’t invited) – and the next thing I knew I found him sitting on the toilet using it.

    He NEVER sat on the potty chair.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Lol they are never ever invited to the bathroom and they come any way. Lol #TheStoryOfMyLife

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