Moms need to be recharged #WOWsummit

Being a mom is pretty hard work. There are no off days…well Mother’s Day may count as one, but not really. You are the chef, maid, taxi driver, and so much more! “Mom this…” and “Mom that…” It gets tiring and frustrating. My grandma use to tell me all the time you can’t pour from an empty cup, I didn’t completely understand that saying until I had children. You need to be refilled, you need to be empowered, and you need to be validated. As moms we are always the one kissing the boo boos away and motivating our loved ones to be Rockstars while we try to get everything together in our lives.

Then there is the mom that wants to make some healthy changes in their kids and family eating habits and lifestyle in general the Summit will have workshops and classes like how to read food labeling, the inside scoop on GMO and even DIY ideas. Being a mom is tough, but it doesn’t have to be with the help from moms just like you. I personally want to start working on healthy eating and incorporate my whole family with being a little more health conscious. I can’t wait to pick up helpful tips on how to do just that.

The WOW summit will be held October 13th-14th 2017 at Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, IL (the hotel has a discount rate for those attending the Summit). The Summit is also perfect for Mommy bloggers that need to be “pushed”  or encouraged on their blogging journey. Friday will be a whole day for mommy bloggers that want to start making more money blogging and working with brands and expanding their blog.

What is the wowsummit?

The WOW Summit is a powerful, two-day event, filled with inspiration and education. Join hundreds of moms and mom bloggers from the Moms Meet community committed to leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Maybe you’re feeling lonely in your motherhood journey and desire to connect with like-minded moms.
  • Maybe transitioning your family to a healthy lifestyle has been overwhelming and unsuccessful.
  • Maybe you’re looking to learn more about natural, organic, non-GMO, or allergy-free products.
  • Maybe you need a little time away for yourself to recharge and get inspired.

No matter the reason, it’s time to make a real change in your life and gain the support you crave.

what to expect?

Exposure to free products included in your complimentary goody bag.

The opportunity to explore the better-for-you brands of the Exhibit Hall and receive free samples.

Live workshops with expert speakers on various topics.

The opportunity to make lasting friendships with like-minded moms.

The chance to win valuable prizes worth hundreds of dollars.

The ability to talk directly with brand representatives in the Exhibit Hall.

The opportunity to explore the better-for-you brands of the Exhibit Hall and receive free samples.

Y’all know I am all about giving and blessing folks with opportunities so I am giving away some passes to the #WOWsummit! I am The queen of easy giveaways, but I want you to work for this one since the tickets are worth over $100. To win the Two day Mommy Blogger Pass or the One day General Mom Summit ticket you need to tell me why do you feel like you need a refresher.  Post in the comments below and I will use to pick 3 winners and contact them to get them registered for the Summit!

7 thoughts on “Moms need to be recharged #WOWsummit

  1. I would Love to win this contest to reach out and connect with other moms and other bloggers who are working towards the common goal of raising children that are conscious considerate healthy and an asset to their community all while blogging about it in the process!

  2. Shawnie Ikard says:

    I would love to win a ticket to WOW summit. I am definetly in need of a refresher! I have 3 wonderful children who give me a run for money daily!! I also spent over a month in the hospital last year due to complications in my now one year old birth. It’s like I have been running on fumes since having my baby last August. He was born prematurely so it was something me and my family had no knowledge of before experience it first hand. I also would love to win to get a chance to meet all types of moms in all walks of life. The summit will be more than a refresher to me but I believe it will life changing!!

  3. Hey K,

    This summit would be RIGHT on time for me! I am a Mama Blogger and at the crossroads (que Bone Thugs n Harmony) of continuing on this journey to make this a full time career and or go back to the industry of sales/fashion/beauty with heavy travel away from my son. So it would be amazing to get a refresher, recharge and refocus by attending this meeting!

    Thx for running this contest!

  4. I would love to be able to connect with other bloggers. I am already hoping to go and possibly bring the hubby with as well. I hate traveling alone.

  5. If I was in the Chi I would definitely love to attend this. I hope one of her ladies above gets selected & shares their notes. I can imagine there will be lots of tips & gems dropped this weekend & the networking opportunities alone are priceless!! Good luck ladies

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      I can’t wait to attend sis. I’ll definitely share key points and takeaways. #SharingIsCaring

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