LEGO Ninjago Movie in Theaters soon + GIVEAWAY!

Where are all my LEGO fans? The LEGO Ninjago movie is coming out this week and it’s going to be epic. There isn’t one LEGO movie that my family didn’t like. Since my boys think they are ninjas already this should be pretty entertaining to watch with them. 

One thing I really enjoy about LEGO movies is the comedy. The jokes are funny for both parent and kid while not being too cheesy. The music soundtrack is pretty good too. If you have to sit gown and dish out lots of money at the theater let it at least be a cool movie.

Ninjago is the story of six young ninja tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted warriors, using their skill and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they’re ordinary teens, struggling against their greatest enemy: high school. Ninjago will be released September 22, 2017! 

What to score a pass to take your kiddo(s)? You know I always have something for my readers! I’m giving away 4 passes to see Ninjago at your local theater. To enter you need to tell me why you should win these passes in the comment section below, plus share this on your social media pages (either FB, Twitter, or IG I’m not picky. Lol). This giveaway ends Sept. 22nd so enter right now and surprise your children to a trip to the movies. We covered the movie ticket  now you just have to handle the popcorn!

11 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Movie in Theaters soon + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would really like to win these tickets because my children love all of the lego movies and this is all my son has been talking about since they said this movie was coming out. I am so excited to take the kids to the show and to spend some family time together and this giveaway would be perfect. I low key love the humor of the movies too. I was just watching the batman lego movie with my little one and he was so excited. We enjoyed a lot of laughs. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as we do!!!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Hey Zakiyyah! I totally get it. Been there done that. Good luck on winning.

  2. Shawntavia Brazil says:

    1. I am a FT working mom pursuing my entrepreneur dreams with a strict tight budget.
    2. Family visits to the movies can be very expensive when you have multiple children.
    3. My daughter had been doing awesome in 4th grade she loves to help others, most of all she never complains.
    4. I would love to surprise my kids with a trip to see the Lego Movie as a treat and a celebration for starting the school year off great!
    5. I would definitely tell all of social media about A Real Urban Mom Blog and share how there is such valuable & informative information on the blog for parents and families.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Hey Shawntavia! It would definitely be a great treat for the kiddos.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks so much for entering! Family time is so important.

  3. My 6 year old daughter is a Ninjago super fan!! She has the lego sets. She has three books. She draws pictures of Ninjago. She watches the series while she is getting her hair washed and braided. No matter how much I have tried to introduce her to “girly” characters, her heart belongs to NinJago😊 So much so she reminded ME that it was coming out soon. She would love to see this movie!!!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      I love the strong girl character in this movie. It’s the perfect mix for girls who are Ninjago fans.

  4. Antoinetta Ervin says:

    I love this site so much not only do we get updates, information, sites on training and dealing with our babies. But you get the chance to enter into contest, events etc. What’s not there to love about arealurban mom.
    Come on and join in. And mom’s there are plenty for us on this site.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thanks Jordan for entering! We are huge LEGO fans over here too.

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