FREE Event for Families at Museum of Science and Industry

#MomWin alert! Get ready to take the kids exploring at the Museum of Science and Industry for Free! Thanks to a recent partnership with Frito-Lay Variety Pack and Dreamvention Contest the Museum can offer free admission Saturday January 13th from 9:30am until 4pm.

Museum visits are pretty expensive for one person so for a family it can get really pricey. I am a huge fan of free days and try to take my children when ever I can. Hands on learning and exploring is good for kids of all ages. The museum offers something for my smallest child and my oldest plus the hubby and I. Let’s get our kids cultured and keep them productive.

If the free admission didn’t impress you how about a chance to win $25,000! Submit your best invention to Frito-Lay here. It’s very simple:

  1. Dream up a cool invention with your family.
  2. Draw it using their online website or submit your own drawing.
  3. Submit for a chance to win $25k!

I don’t know about you, but I am entering today! I think it’s amazing to challenge yourself and your family to think of a invention that can help others and help you  line your pockets with $25,000. Lets encourage our children to put their thinking caps on and make a masterpiece. If you guys win don’t forget a sister. LOL

Weekends are so hectic and sometimes we are so focused on being “busy” and trying to knock things off our to-do list that we forget our kids want to get out and explore. They want some space to be a kid and ask questions. When we get opportunities we have to embrace them. Take your kids and whole family this Saturday to the Museum of Science and Industry for free! Make sure you take pics and enter the contest…thank me later.

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