Eyebrows and business on fleek! Madd Love Spa

I really think Spas were created with mothers in mind. A place for you to get pampered without the kiddos tagging along. I love me a good Spa that’s one of my weakness (hint for anyone wanting to buy me a mother’s day gift.) When I walked into Madd Love Spa I really questioned my sense of decor, because this place was gorgeous! It was so well put together and welcoming. Owner Felicia Hoskins told me that every encouraging sign is for the clients. “They deserve to feel serenity and motivated.” As neo-soul belted through the seamless auto system I instantly felt at ease. I couldn’t wait to sit in Felicia’s chair and get my eyebrows transformed.

Not only is the waiting/receptionist area cute and well stocked with water, Coffee and a variety of teas, but the actual eyebrow studio area is an impressive space as well. The black, white, and gold theme is present here and through out the Spa. The room’s walls are covered with positivity from encouraging affirmations to thought provoking sayings. I said “wow” once I sat in her comfy professional reclining beauty chair. She giggled while I took pics and tried to read everything posted. Felicia told me that people are always shocked when they come to her Spa and see it so nicely put together. She explained that black owned businesses have to do better with their companies and take their clients seriously. Not just worry about getting them in the door but making them want to come back.

Eyebrows are so trendy right now. I mean they have always been important in Hollywood, but now every where you go there is eyebrow powders, wax for brows, and even stencils! Since I have thinner eyebrows I tend to get them waxed once a month and that’s it I don’t do much with them. I’ve seen the cartoon painted on brow and that’s not my cup of tea. I’m more of a natural brow girl. When I was given the opportunity to try Felicia’s eyebrow service out I checked out her social media first because I wanted to see pictures of previous clients and I was pleasantly surprised. Her eyebrows are clean and unique to each person’s face which shows her talent. This isn’t your local Korean nail shop wax and tint!

This is a no judgement zone right? This is me bare faced. My natural brows aren’t full and amazing so I knew some #BlackGirlMagic was needed. Disclaimer: You will need to fill out a form just to ensure the correct products will be used and to make sure you and the technician are on the same page. I thought that was a nice touch as well as the paper work you get after your treatment with directions on how to care for your tinted eyebrows if you are a newbie like myself. 

I received her Signature wax and tint service which is: Semi-permanent Hair color specifically designed for the eyebrows/eyelashes. The Brow tint can last anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks based upon the individual the fuller the brows the longer the tint will hold.

Trust me when I tell you that everyone was complimenting me on my eyebrows. I forgot they were done a few days later and this lady was staring at me and she finally said “I love your eyebrows!” I couldn’t stop blushing. I’m hooked and I think Felicia won’t be able to get rid of me.

Felicia and I talked about everything under the sun while I was getting serviced. She explained to me how her business started in the basement of her home 7 years ago and now she owns a huge full service Spa in Oak Park, IL. The name of the Spa was inspired from her daughter which holds a special place in her heart. The fact that her children saw her humble beginnings and now see her huge success shows them what hard work and determination can do. With no bank or family loans just savings and great work ethic Felicia upscaled her Spa in the matter of years and even have bigger plans for her brand. The team of Madd Love is basically made out of young women of color entrepreneurs that work for themselves that lease a space in the Spa. There are rules to keep everything organized, and the core foundation comes from Felicia. Her goal is to help other talented stylists by giving them an outlet and a step up. They have meetings, work on branding, and maintaining a business. As a mentor she helps them plot out their business so once they leave the Spa they can open their own locations. 

I didn’t have someone to help me so I’m here to help these young ladies become their own bosses! – Felicia Hoskins Owner Madd Love Spa

Madd Love Spa is what our community needs. I love the fact that whatever I need her Spa has it. There is a nail tech, hair stylist, eyelash extension expert, and of course Felicia can do facials, makeup, and so much more as a licensed Esthetician. You don’t have to sorry about sitting and waiting to be serviced they work off set appointments off Styleseat which helps you get in and out with no surprises. Check out the Spa’s website and be prepared to be amazed. 

6 thoughts on “Eyebrows and business on fleek! Madd Love Spa

  1. This place is super cute! I love the decor. She killed those brows…I need her to work some magic on mine. I will def have to try them out when I come to Chicago!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Her decor is so dope! And my brows…I’m in love! She’s definitely the only one touching my brows from now on. Now let’s get you in Chicago sooner than later 💕

  2. Kimyada Wellington says:

    I’m going! Today!

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Yes! Let her know I sent you and be prepared to slay.

  3. Yes, your brows are popping. This salon looks fabulous! I need to visit next time I’m in town.

    1. A Real Urban Mom says:

      Thank you! She is the TRUTH! I love she works with the person’s face shape and not just a basic shape.

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