3 Things to do for Girls Night Out on a Party Bus!

Girls Night out!

Trying to get the girls together for a night out can be challenging, but it’s a lot easier when you have a plan set for everyone to commit to! With all there is to see and do in Chicago, it’s not hard to find some awesome destinations that fit the interests of everybody attending. Of course, there’s the usual bar hopping, but why not think outside of the box?

Forget getting a million ubers and just get a party bus!

If you have professional transportation along for your celebration, you won’t be limited to one or two destinations while you’re out with your friends. Not to mention, you’ll have a guaranteed safe ride home at the end of the night if you plan on drinking. Things like fighting traffic, finding directions and parking will all be taken care of by a top notch chauffeur. Plus, the amenities that come in a party bus go above and beyond anything you’ll find in an Uber!

Aerial Yoga

For those active gals, you can’t go wrong with a session of aerial yoga at a spot like Air Aerial Fitness to start off your girls trip. You’ll do calming stretches while being guided by silks hanging from the ceiling. It’s a fantastic way to get some low impact exercise and meditation in with your friends. Be sure to save this activity for the period before you start drinking!


This is an especially fun option to consider if your group enjoys games…think of it as the adult version of Go Karts! There are three different locations in the Chicagoland area so it’s easy to find something local to you. There are activities other than WhirlyBall such as pool and bowling at the main Chicago location, as well as video games, laser tag, and a rock climbing wall. With their food and drink options, it’s easy to spend a whole night there.

Sip and Paint

This BYOB establishment offers a destination where you can flex your creative muscles and enjoy drinks with friends under one roof. The step by step instructions by a local artist make it easy to create something that you will be proud of! It’s worthy to note that they offer weekly as well as private classes for those with a larger group. You can look ahead on their online calendar to see what painting is up next.

Be sure to consider a party bus or Chicago Limousine Provider for your next night out with the girls. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s actually comparable to your favorite ride share service in terms of price when it’s split among the passengers. It’s certainly a worthy investment when you consider the memories you’ll make!


*This was a guest sponsored post by PB Chicago.

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