Fat Girl of Fashion Brunch!

A few Sundays ago I was invited to a wonderful brunch hosted by TheFatGirlOfFashion to celebrate her 3 year Blog anniversary! When I tell you I had a good time, believe me. We laughed, ate, sipped cocktails, and laughed so much more. The brunch was held at FarmHouse Chicago. which was a great central location and extremely easy to get to. 

When we arrived the table settings were so creative and cute. Our party favors were MAC Lipsticks…yes a full sized MAC Lippie. I was over the moon because your girl here loves a good lipstick. We also received a body butter sample by a local Chicagoland vendor. There also was a professional photographer from Levine – Moore Photography going around catching candid shots of us as well as any requested photo looks you wanted to do. 

Wait, I’m jumping the broom. I’m telling y’all all about this fabulous event, but didn’t give you the info on the wonderful honoree! Some of you may already know Fashion Blogger Latoya Wright of FatGirlOfFashion.com she’s one of my close blogger boos. Latoya is a sweetie pie. Funny, fashionable, reliable, and a true ball of fun. We have such a good time every time we hang together. She’s been to every event I’ve invited her to so I couldn’t miss dining with her to celebrate her 3 successful years blogging.

I ordered The Farmer’s Breakfast which was Scrambled Farm Eggs, Kale, Shallot, Fine Herbs, White Cheddar, Spicy Potatoes
,sausage and Multigrain Toast. My meal was so flavorful and filling. 

We also got a sweet treat. They are called Sticky buns and boy were they tasty!

My Mimosa was well deserved and the perfect mixture of fresh juice and champagne .

After enjoying our eats we all shared who we were, how we knew Latoya, and our overall thoughts on her and her blog. It was a very special moment to share with her. She has inspired, motivated, and encouraged so many women off and online so it was a blessing to know she was able to see that her work isn’t in vain.

The brunch was a lot of fun and I’m super happy to have a blogger boo turn into a good friend! Congrats Latoya, may you have many more years in this blogging world.

Rolling Video Games of Chicagoland!

Summer is here and in my household that means Birthday Mania! Dereon’s Birthday, Baby Chance’s Birthday, my Mom’s Birthday, my little sister Eboni’s birthday, plus a few uncles, cousins, and girl friends birthdays as well. Whew! So I can’t play around with waiting around to plan Dereon’s birthday party because our month of June is so busy! 

This year Dereon was torn on what he wanted to do for his birthday, which isn’t like him. Normally it’s pretty clear what he wants to do, but this year he was stuck between a Game Bus or Great America. I kind of didn’t like the Great America idea because the weather can be messy in the beginning of June with lots of rain and that would limit his ride time at the theme park. So I started looking at Video Game buses to check prices, availability, and options. I ran across some unprofessional companies in this process and some places didn’t even answer or return my call! I finally spoke with Rolling Video Games of Chicagoland and they made things easy as pie. My date was available and booking the party didn’t even take 5 minutes. I showed Dereon the website before I confirmed everything and he was sold! He hasn’t stopped talking about it yet.

Rolling Video Games of Chicagoland comes to you and offers you all the coolest games and gaming systems in an climate controlled decked out bus! Being able to service up to 24 people at one time is pretty impressive and they have more than five 55″ TVs. You can even play a few dancing games on the outside when the weather is nice!

The going rate for these buses can get pretty expensive, but Rolling Video Games of Chicagoland is the best priced to me. You have your own “Game coach” that comes and help keeps the party going and gives the kids (or adults) game instructions, etc. 

Customizing your event is easy, you can do as little as 2 hours or add more for those serious gamers! Game selection is up to you too. Kid friendly games like “Just Dance” is available but if the crowd is into more of the “action” games then “Halo” and “Call of Duty” is right at your finger tips. 

Up to four people can play per TV so you don’t have to worry about telling the kiddos to share. This is partying in VIP the right way with less stress. I definitely recommend Rolling Video Games of Chicagoland and I can’t wait for Dereon to play all his favorite games with his favorite friends! Check out their website or give them a call at (708)-733-5300 an let them know Keyonda sent you! 


I’ll be posting pictures and live footage from Dereon’s Birthday Party today on my Facebook, SnapChat (arealurbanmom), Instagram, and Twitter!

June: The Month of Miracles 

Hey guys…Happy June! We are in the 6 month of 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it. This year flew by. So many things I said I would do, places I said I would go, and goals I wanted to reach by now. The good news is I’ve done some of those things. The great news is that June is the month of Miracles so I’m getting a second chance on knocking somethings out the box!

Yup, I’m saying that this June great things are going to happen and the “shift” we all need will take place. I think the number one thing we have to do to receive the miracles that’s  waiting for us is to focus. Write your vision and make it plain. Sometimes we get so lost in the process that we lose focus on where we are going.

Secondly we have to want it! Faith without works is dead. We can’t say we want to be a millionaire yet we aren’t working on our business or saving our money.

And lastly we have to keep the faith. Stop doubting God and stop doubting yourself. If you have an idea, invention, creation, or gift use it and go with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

This June let’s be all that we want to be and more!