Great last minute Christmas gift! Illinois Lottery Scratch offs!

Christmas is so close I can taste it. If you are anything like me you are still gathering last minute items. I’m here to help you! Stop stressing and get some Illinois Lottery Scratch offs. You can add them to a cute stocking stuffer or place them neatly in a nice Christmas card.


I gave Dereon’s two teachers a cute Santa mug and filled it with candy and some Illinois Lottery Scratch off tickets. I put it in a cute colorful gift bag and they both laughed with glee once they opened it. The joke of the day about how they hope they win.

The stress and tension can all be gone with a run to the gas station or major grocery store. Grab a few tickets and be prepared to be amazed by the smiles you receive. To learn more about Illinois Lottery check this out.

If you try this out let me know what you win! 

Happy Holidays!

My son believes in Santa and I love it…

Santa Claus, Old Saint Nick, and Kris Kringle are a few names Santa goes by. You know Santa the big jolly man that brings kids from all over the world Christmas gifts! 

I grew up in a Christian household, we learned the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus very early on. I was even Elizabeth once in the church play (yup, I have acting skills lol). In the midst of all that I still believed in Santa. I wrote my list every year and looked forward to my annual breakfast with Santa date. I was the only child (until 13) so my list for Santa was always long and detailed. I went to bed every Christmas Eve with excitement because I knew in a few hours Santa would visit my home and leave me some awesome gifts!

I’ll never forget one Christmas Eve my family decided to celebrate Christmas all together under one roof so all my aunts, uncles, and cousins were all over. The kids were told to head to bed so Santa could come and leave our gifts, if we didn’t go to sleep then the Sandman would come and leave sand in our eyes. Of course I was nervous and tried to rush to bed, but my cousins laughed and talked about how Santa was our Parents!! They also said the Sandman wasn’t real. I couldn’t believe it. I was full of questions. How? Why? The outrage!

The next morning I opened my gifts with less excitement. Christmas gifts were my parents jobs? Santa was a myth? I felt like dreams couldn’t come true. Of course by the next year I told my parents I knew the truth and I still looked forward to Christmas, but it wasn’t like when I believed in Old St. Nick. I decided then to let my kids believe in Santa, Super heroes, and whatever else until they were old enough to find out on their own.

Hence the title of this blog! My son Dereon is 7 years old and he currently believes in Santa and I think its the cutest thing ever. He writes his list and mails it every year, takes his picture with the Big guy at the Mall each December, and bakes Santa a batch of cookies on Christmas eve to help refuel him on his journey.

The excitement in his eyes as we countdown to Christmas is priceless! I’ve raised him the same way I was raised and he knows the true meaning behind Christmas Is THE birth of Jesus. I think it’s amazing.

Kids in this generation have way to much to worry about and a whole different type of childhood from back in the day. Now kids are encouraged to be older and act “grown”. I’m all about letting kids be kids and letting them believe in super heros, Santa, and whatever else that makes them happy. Trust me they will have more than enough time to realize that this world isn’t magical.