Deals for your gamer at GameStop!

If you have a gamer kid (or husband) then of course GameStop is on your Christmas shopping list. GameStop has a great sale going on this weekend!

Dereon wants games for his Xbox and Wii U, while the husband wants games similar to Halo and Nba2k15. I won’t be going crazy this Christmas running to a million stores to get video games for various consoles at decent prices. I’ve decided to head to GameStop and gather everything at one place for a great price. I like the fact that GameStop has different payment options like Layaway until Dec 14th, trade in credits from your old games and consoles, and their new PowerUp credit program. Lets not forget you can save tons by buying pre-owned items.

Here you can find all of the deals and even shop online.

Look at some of the offers:

        (Friday and Saturday only) Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle:$329.99 (save $70) – includes digital copies of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

·         PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Bundle: $399 (save $100) – includes Grand Theft Auto V and a digital copy of The Last of Us Remastered

·         Super Mario 3D World Bundle for WiiU: $299.99 – includes the 32GB WiiU Deluxe Set, Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land video games

·         Save $30 off popular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles, such as The Evil Within, Sleeping Dogs andMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

·         Free HTC Desire 510 4G LTE Smartphone with purchase of Cricket Wireless no contract service(after $75 mail-in rebate)

·         $50 off ASUS 16GB Memo Pad HD 7 ($99.99) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 ($149.99)

These deals won’t last long so check it out online or in store! Let me know how it goes.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however all my reviews, thoughts, and posts are honest and my own opinion.

5 things to do with kids indoors this Winter

Chicago is a pretty cold place in the Winter and unfortunately I’m not a cold outdoor type of person. I need heat! For some reason kids are opposite they can be outside and play until their noses are numb. Since Dereon is the only child it’s a lot of times he wants to go outside and play and the next door neighbor’s kids aren’t home so he expects me or daddy to come out and play with him. Now in the Summer time I will leave my central aired house for a little fun in the sun, but I don’t stay out too long. Now in the Winter you will hardly catch me playing anything! Even though I was born in the Winter, I’m not a fan. Lol

So I started themed days with the kiddo and my husband to ensure we have fun on the days we decide to stay in. Now this list isn’t the first time you’ve done these things. We’ve all done them even in the Summer months however now that it’s Winter you need to put a little more effort into the fun:)


1. Movie Night: Ok, how many times have we all done this? A million! But kick it up a notch! Have everyone pick a movie (grab some from RedBox or go through your movie collection or Netflix). Make old fashioned popcorn that pops on the stove (kids love it)! Make sure everyone has a cozy blanket so you guys can relax while enjoying a few movies together. If your couch isn’t big enough or comfortable bulid a pallet on the floor with tons of pillows and comforters. A fun and relaxing night for all.

2. Pj Party: Everyone puts on their favorites Pajamas and get ready for a fun night! Let the kids invite one guest over for the fun. Order pizza, grab some snacks, bring out the boom box! This is the time for silly games, lots of laughing, and dancing. Parents VS. Kids in a dance battle, Truth and Dare Pajamas style, and the famous Pj fashion show where you get to walk the runway in your favorite Pjs and listen to the critics to see if you really have what it takes. Can you say fun? Be prepared to have a ball.

3. Game Night: In the Pyles’ household we play board and video games a lot together. Dereon is a big gamer and so is my husband which kinda drags me into it as well. However when we label a night Game Night my son already knows we are going to be active all night. I love to start the night off with a Wii U Dance competition (Just Dance and Michael Jackson being my favorite). After that Dennis and Dereon normally takes over the Xbox 360 and gets in to a little NBA action while I finish up dinner. Most of the time it’s nachos or tacos for that night. We then pull out the Uno Cards, Monopoly, Clue, Operation, and depending how I feel Twister LOL. The winner of the night normally talks junk until we all fall asleep.

4. Family Cookathon: Cooking with the family is fun! Even though my husband is a Chef, I still throw down in the kitchen. LOL. I encourage my son to help us cook as well and when we have our family Cookathon I make sure to cook something we all like and can all help with. For example spaghetti, garlic bread, and a garden salad. Don’t forget dessert! Maybe a cake or our favorite cookies. We have the music blasting in the kitchen and everyone gets a task to complete. Of course Dereon get the easy stuff since he’s only 7, but he likes the responbility. He cleans the lettuce, helps shread the cheese, places the garlic bread on the cooking tray, in charge of tasting the spaghetti sauce and if we bake a cake the job is 90 percent his. He adds the ingredients, mixes everything with the help of his dad and a mixer, puts the batter in the pan and we place it in the oven while he sets the timer. After the cake cools he is to decorate it. When we make cookies he’s in charge as well. Once everything is done he sets the plates and the music is turned off. We all sit down and pass the food family style while we talk about our day and the cooking process. The experience is filled with bonding and good food! Who knows the kiddo might be a Chef one day!

Bonus 5. If you’ve done all that’s mentioned above and want to push the envelope here are some more ideas I haven’t tried yet, but plan on doing this Winter!

*DIY project: Bulid something together maybe a book shelf or everyone make picture frames for Christmas gift perhaps?

*Scrapbook: Everyone works on a sheet to add to the family scrapbook or everyone can make their own!

* Karaoke night: I’m currently looking for a Karaoke machine since I’m a karaoke addict, but some game systems like the Wii and Xbox has Karaoke games you can buy and play on the system. Find fun songs that you and the kids would enjoy and get down!

It’s up to us how we spend our Winter days. You can chose to be stuck in the house bored out of your minds or you can use some of your creative juices and make a cold night in a night to remember. If you have any other cool ideas let me know. I’m all about trying new things.

Stay warm!

HGTV reveals SANTA HQ!

It’s that time again. Yes, Christmas time! I know it feels like you just went “trick or treating” with the kiddos, but it’s time to put the scary masks away and get ready to head to Santa’s Headquarters! Thanks to HGTV, 10 Macerich malls across the country will host Santa’s HQ for kids of all ages. Forget the traditional visit with Santa at the mall and step into a hands on 21st century winter wonderland with an authentic holiday experience.

When you enter the magical structure, families can enjoy the wonder of Santa’s Workshop and Observatory by using innovative technology to customize their individual experience. Another cool thing is you can download the “ELF-RAY” Vision app or use a provided tablet to explore in the enchanting world of Santa HQ to see the night sky, the secret inner-workings of clocks and gears and to meet a playful pair of elves! Can you imagine your kids eyes when they see this? And what about the smile on their face when they realize they can touch it too? Priceless!

Can you please tell me where can kids take a Selfie with a ELFIE? Or even star in their own holiday video? Where can one go to test out the ‘Naughty o’ Nice Meter? Only one place I know and it’s Santa’s HQ, because when you are there anything is possible.

After the exploring you and the kiddo(s) can continue the adventure with a custom photo, followed by the ultimate moment with Santa inside his modernized sleigh! I think my favorite aspect of this is that you can totally plan a head and reserve your time in advance via the Santa HQ website. I know me personally I set a whole day centered around our trip to visit Santa. I keep in mind the long lines, the bathroom breaks, lunch, and even some Christmas shopping so to have the option of having a set time for you adventure is pretty amazing to me.

So now that you are sold on this adventure here are the important details! Santa HG will be available for a little more than six weeks Nov. 4th to Christmas eve, Dec 24th 2014. Santa HQ will be featured at 10 Macerich properties including Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, Conn., opening on Nov. 4; Deptford Mall in Deptford Township, N.J., opening on Nov. 5; Vintage Faire in Modesto, Calif., opening on Nov. 5; Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, Calif., opening Nov. 7; FlatIron Crossing in Broomfield, Colo., opening Nov. 7; Washington Square in Portland, Ore., opening Nov. 7; Lakewood Center in Lakewood, Calif., opening Nov. 7; Tysons Corner Center near Washington, D.C., opening Nov. 14.; Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Ariz., opening on Nov. 7; and Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Ariz., opening Nov. 14.

Don’t miss the chance for your kid to have an amazing visit with Santa with the help of cutting-edge technology. For more information on Santa HQ please visit their website.

Cold weather blues

It’s cold here in Chicago. I mean hat, scarf, gloves, and coat cold! Don’t get me wrong I was born and raised in Chicago and I know it’s going to get even colder, however today it’s cold and my heart is sad. My heart and mind goes to those that don’t have a warm coat or hat or gloves to handle this brisk wind and nippy air. I pray for those that are living under the viaduct or riding the train from one end of town to the other to stay warm. I cry for the moms that are trying hard to keep their babies warm this winter. For the dads working hard to try to pay the high gas bill to no avail. The stories go on and on. The need is present.


We take so much for granted. A place to stay, a bed with comforters, options of what we will eat for dinner, and so much more. Taking a moment each day to thank God for what you have and where you are in life is a true must. Yes of course we all wish were millionaires ans lived on the hill somewhere, but there is someone that wished they had a safe place to sleep.

This Winter I plan to donate hats, gloves, and socks to those in need. I’m doing some research on what shelters and food pantries in my area take donations and give them to those who need them. I encourage you to do so as well. Get the kids involved too! Go through old winter items that may be to small and give them away. Every little thing counts. I just want to encourage you to give this Winter to those less fortunate. 

A Real Urban Mom takes a trip to World of Whirlpool and Amana

Yesterday I had the honor to have a 3 course gourmet lunch with Whirlpool and Amana. Before we dived into an amazing lunch we were welcomed with mimosas which were so cute and light. We networked and chatted a little around the room and then we went into Whirlpool’s huge kitchen. Everything you could want in your kitchen was there. Cute mixers, nice bowls, stainless steel appliances, and a handsome chef waiting for us behind the stove.


The chef showed us how to make turkey gravy, biscuits, cookies, and turkey noodle soup. Can you say amazing?! I was impressed and the fact that he made this in front of us so quickly made me feel like I could do it too (of course with the help of my husband who is a chef lol).

Best part of the lunch was learning how to store our leftovers and making the cooking process easier for moms this holiday season. Another cool thing is the Amana brand gave away 4 freezers! I wasn’t a lucky winner, but I’m super happy for those that did win. 🙂

For lunch we were served pan seared scallops, beef tenderloin,  and an assortment of pound cake with fancy sauces. Amazing! I’m still full just thinking about it. All the bloggers present oohed and awed as servers passed out the creative looking dishes. It was a 4 star experience. After lunch we walked outside for a quick photo session on the penthouse deck with the Whirlpool logo tower behind us.



You can sum up yestersay’s event with lots of fun, eating, and laughing. I had a ball and I’m thankful for the invite from The Moms and Amana! Check out some pics:

A Oscar style #selfie lol.  Raijean  Natasha and I.


I’m sure you can see the fun factor from our pictures. Lol. My plan is to make some cookies from the recipes the chef gave us. Wish me luck!

I’m going to Blogalicious!

So a few weeks ago I noticed a contest going on Nikki and The City blog’s page. It was a contest to win a ticket to Blogalicious! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blogalicious it’s a conference for bloggers of color. Since I’ve only been blogging “seriously” for about a year everything is new to me. I just started hearing and seeing mentions of different conferences. Since I’m a newbie and want to learn everything I can about blogging I added attending a conference to my vision board. Well if you’ve ever been to a conference (blogging) or not you know they are pretty costly. And as this year passed by I placed the conference dream to 2015 and just kept working towards what I felt I could accomplish this year.

Well God had other plans y’all. I entered Nikki’s contest, although I was dicouraged because there were over 500 entries. But I entered and tried my chances even though as soon as I submitted my entry I got nervous. I didn’t want to be disappointed, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure so I kept positive thoughts and prayers in my mind. It was a LONG week! Lol. I’ll never forget when I got the tweet that I won. I screamed and laughed and was just in plain shock. I don’t win much, but that was a win for sure.

As I write this I’m headed to Texas knocking two things off my bucket list (blogging conference and to visit Texas)! The moral of this story is trust and believe in God and keep positive thoughts in your mind and on your lips. God knows how to give you your hearts desire.


Shout out to my wonderful husband and mother for making sure everything is smooth in Chicago while I travel (you know somebody has to take care of home). Thanks to my friends for all the love, support, and help. Oh and a special thank you to my son for making me a going away card.