5 reason you should attend the 2014 Black Women’s Expo!

Weekends are normally crazy for me and my family due to birthday parties, other random events, quality family time, and church. It’s a whirlwind sometimes and then it’s back to reality on Monday. No break in between. But I have learned to schedule things that are important to me and my family and to “waitlist” Read More

When your kid gets hurt and you feel like a loser…

Yesterday Dereon fell. Pretty hard. He was playing with his friends that happen to be our neighbors and he tripped and hit the concrete. Hard. He came home screaming and yelling. All the other children silently walked behind him with worry filled eyes. The left side of his face was swelling as he walkws up Read More

BMOA Night at the Chicago Bulls game

About two weeks ago the family and I headed to BMOA Night at the Chicago Bulls game. The Bulls VS. The Golden State Warriors. It’s was Dereon and Dionne’s first NBA game. We were able to sit courtside for the pregame warm up which was really cool because you see the players relaxed and in Read More

The 2014 Black Women’s Expo is coming…

Hey ladies! Yes, it’s that time again! The 2014 Black Women’s Expo is on it way to hit the McCormick Place Next weekend. Friday March 28th thru March 30th. I think the most exciting part is that this year marks it’s 20th year anniversary. I have many memories of attending the Expo with my mom Read More

Decluttering Challenge: Week 1 Recap

It has been a week since I’ve started this Decluttering Challenge and I have to say so far so good! Don’t get me wrong it started off rough, I had to get use to focusing on one thing or a certain amount of time. 30 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but when there are many Read More