Children’s Dental Health Month + GIVEAWAY

February is Children’s Dental Health month. We know kids eat a lot of sweets and drink a lot of juice and that can be damaging to their teeth. My son has a cavity and it’s actually right between his front two front teeth. I was heartbroken when I took him to the dentist and found out. I make him brush his teeth twice a day and I try to limit his sweet intake, but that wasn’t enough. The dentist recommended him brushing his teeth after every meal if possible, adding water to his sugary drinks, and limiting candy. I realized then that kids needed to be reminded about the seriousness of dental care.

After doing some research I found out that cavities are 100 percent preventable, but more than one in four children in IL has had at least one cavity in the past year. As a way to teach cavity-fighting habits to pre-kindergarten through third-grade students in Illinois, the Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation’s “Land of Smiles” program will visit over 130 schools in 2014. The “Land of Smiles” program is so cute! Its an entertaining, but educational performance that encourage kids to use proper dental habits. The costumed characters Tooth Wizard and PlaqueMan, teach the kids the value and practice of brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. They also discuss how sealants work, foods that are good and bad for teeth and they also remind kids why it is important to visit the dentist at least twice a year.

It is so important to teach our kids proper hygiene and I am proud to know that some organizations actually care about my child’s well being. If you want to learn more about the Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation check out their site here.

GIVEAWAY: Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation wants to give one of my lucky readers a Oral Healthy Kit for their kiddo! All you have to do to enter to win is comment below=)

Lipstick and Forever21

I love LIPSTICK! It makes me Happy and when I say Happy I mean it. LOL. One of the downsides of my lipstick addiction is finding one that is actually becoming of my skin tone, long lasting, and easily available. Being of a dark skin tone sometimes causes drama for me when I am looking for the perfect shade. I end up buying a lipstick and it looks blah on me and giving it away to a friend or family member. About two years ago I was introduced to MAC cosmetics and I was in love. They have makeup for my skin tone. They have many locations as well as a very user friendly website. MAC isn’t cheap however it isn’t clinch your pearls expensive either. I started by adding one item to my collection every few months. I love MAC, but I am always looking at other Makeup companies and drug store cosmetics as well. I’ve learned with make up it’s really a hit or miss. I don’t focus on the brand, but on the quality and color pay off.

A few weeks ago I stopped at Forver21 to grab a few things and while waiting to check out I saw this cute little box and it has 5 little lipstick tubes inside. The color examples were posted on the box and the total cost was only $7.80. I snatched it up quickly. The next day I couldn’t wait to open it up and test it out. So I did and I liked it so much I decided to do a YouTube video on it. Before you check that out here are some pics of the lipsticks and the color payoff on me skin tone:

Here is the Youtube Video:

(Please don’t laugh at my squinting. LOL. I need glasses bad.) Anyways let me know if you have tried any Forever21 cosmetics before and also what do you think about these lipsticks?

The 5 reasons I knew he was the ONE!

I met my husband in High School. The first day at my new High School he approached me as I left for off campus lunch…he asked me to bring him back some candy from the store. I was amused but, I didn’t bring him back any candy. LOL. I couldn’t keep him off me after I came back empty handed. We ended up dating, breaking up (a few times), getting pregnant, and THEN getting married (that’s a whole different blog post).

Once I became pregnant I didn’t have the urgency to get married just because I was expecting. All I wanted was us to be great Parents to our bundle of joy. Dereon was 2 years old when Dennis asked me to marry him. I didn’t need a long time to think if I was going to say yes because Dennis had proven his self to Me and also to those important to me. Here are the 5 reasons I knew he was the 1:

1. He was willing to worship with me – Dennis grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist. Two very different spiritual backgrounds. Once we started seriously dating he would visit my church sometimes and I would visit his. I loved the fact he took his Grandma to church every Sunday!! Once we were living together he began to attending church service with me every Sunday and I knew that was a big step for him since he was use to a quiet church service and was now involved a very vocal and active church experience. Although he was out of his comfort zone he pressed on and attended services and still does after almost 4 years of marriage. Plus he encourages our son to participate in church activities and supports me in the ministries I serve in as well.

2. I felt protected – Women want to feel safe! No question asked about that. I was confident in knowing that whatever mess I got myself into he was going to help me get out of it. If I was stranded he was there to come and get me home. If I was sick he was going to nurse me to health. No matter what he had my back and still does…for life!

3. The way he cared for our child – The bond between Dennis and Dereon is amazing from day 1 of Dereon’s life Dennis has been nurturing, supportive, and influential. The relationship and connection they have keeps me in awe.

4. He was my opposite – I’ve always been loud, talkative, goofy, and expressive Dennis is quiet, meek, serious and receptive. Which works great because we aren’t both trying to talk at the same time also he calms me down when I’m over the top (doesn’t happen very often lol).

5. He corrected me – Some wouldn’t like this, but I do. If I’m wrong I like to know I’m wrong and Dennis has always done that. He isn’t a “yes” man to keep me quiet he is going to be honest and tell me when I made a mistake. I don’t always agree with his thought process, but I like the fact he has and can call me out when I am wrong and that I can do the same to him.

Through the ups and downs I still love him like its 2001 and I’m in high school. Sharing every day of my life with him is pretty cool. Plus the awesome gifts on valentines day doesn’t hurt (just kidding…no I am serious LOL). Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there and If you haven’t found that special one yet don’t rush it God’s timing is the best. I promise!

It’s MY Birthday!

Yep! I’m a year older. I’m so thankful for making it to a new year. Millions didn’t but I did. I want to keep this short. Thank you for your support. I’m blessed to have found one of my gifts and I’m glad to be able to share it with you.

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The B day girl:)