A personalized letter from Santa for you child!

Children love Santa! Heck I still love Santa. It’s something about a kid’s innocence when they believe in this mystical person. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I know Jesus is the REASON for the season, but I love the whole thought of Santa and the gift giving. Even though Dereon is 6 he still believes in Santa and I love it. I believe this may be the last year of him believing in Santa, but until the cat is out of the bag I still go along with the full Santa story.

I was given a chance to order a personalized letter from Santa for Dereon last month. The ordering process was so easy and it really jump started my Christmas spirits. It was cool to be able to type in a few gift items that Dereon really wanted and placing real life events in the letter so it could seem like Santa had been watching him. For example I congratulated him on his good grades and told him that if he keeps up the good work he may get a tablet since that’s what he has been begging for.

The letter arrived a week letter in a bright and shiny red envelope. Dereon received the big envelope from the mail lady and thought it was mine but stopped in his tracks when he saw the reindeer postal stamp on the front. Once he recognized his name he ripped the envelope open! The crazy thing about the delivery is it was on Dereon’s report card day and he was just given an straight A report card. When he read the part about the good grades he said “Santa works quick”. LOL.

Inside was a letter from Santa, a letter from Rudolph, stickers sheets, tattoos, and an official good list certificate complete with his name and it was signed by Santa and Rudolph. Dereon couldn’t believe his eyes. Dennis and I couldn’t stop smiling it, was an great experience. I think every kid should get a letter from Santa=)

You have a chance to order your kiddo a personalized letter from Santa as well just go here PLUS you can save 25% off if you enter my special code: realurbanmom25 hurry and order today just in time for Christmas! Since Christmas is only 9 days away the last day you can order is Tuesday December 17th. Letters start at only $9.95!

Not your average pair of “Black Socks”…

I love the fact that Dereon has to wear shirt and tie to school everyday. He also must wear black socks with his “dress” shoes. At his previous school he could wear whatever socks he wanted so he only had a few pair of black socks. Which meant I had to stack up on black socks when he started at his new school. The only thing I wasn’t to happy about was the fact that black “dress” socks cost a little more than plain white socks and are a little harder to find so when I was given the chance to review a pair of microfiber black socks I jumped at it.

We decided we on a 3 pair pack of microfiber boys dress socks. At the first look I knew I would love these socks. Mainly because the were very soft looking, but well made. (it going to be hard to put holes in these bad boys). They have a gold line which I like for when I’m pairing up socks (LOL) but it is actually to tell you the child’s shoe size for a perfect fit when shoe hunting. The socks also had just enough stretch for them to be comfy, but fit snug.

Dereon likes them and told me they were “cozy”. It’s a plus that it comes in a 3 pack and the price is perfect (on sale for $6). I recommend you checking out their site. They don’t just have children items, but men and women as well.

New Beyoncé Album with no warning!

You know your girl Beyoncé is always up to something! Well she had a HUGE surprised for her fans and for the music industry tonight when she released her new album. That’s right! Mrs. Carter has dropped a new album with no warning and no promo! It’s available on iTunes ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beyonce/id780330041) now and so far the reviews have been impressive. I’m downloading mine tonight 😉 review coming soon!!


Won’t He Do it!

When I begin to feel all upside down I it’s time for a moment of clarity. The silence that reminds you that you are human and that every day you wake up is another chance to make it right. Whatever you messed up you have time to try to mend those things. This silence reminds you that whatever you are trying to complete is worth finishing.

Keeping myself encouraged and uplifted has never really been a big problem. But sometimes doubt finds its way into my thoughts. You know the scenario you leave church feeling empowered and excited about the future. But then by the time you make it home you think of things that are currently going on and of the huge obstacles you have to face and before the race has started you quit. That’s a trick of the enemy. The trick is to get you full of doubt and worry. Guess what? he is a liar. If God said it, God is going to do it! You have to believe it, receive it, & walk in it. Oh how I know it is so easy to say, but so very hard to do. I know…trust me. But I am reminded daily on how much God loves me (and YOU) and how he makes a way out of no way. Please know since He has done it for me, He will do it for you.

Life is too short to be stuck feeling “blah”. Accept each day as a gift! Because that’s exactly what it is.
Challenges come to make us stronger and for us to appreciate the good times (the days that were so easy breezy). Although we don’t want to hear it we have to have a few tests in life. But God is always there even when it doesn’t feel that way…remember the teacher is always quiet when giving his students a test.

I don’t know who this was for…well yeah I do it was for me, but I’m sure I am not the only one going through right now. Stay encouraged, trust God, and use each day as a positive stepping stone to your future.

Bringing sexy back with SilmFast + giveaway!

With the new year right around the corner the thought of weight lost becomes America’s number 1 resolution. So many different diets, fads, and gadgets that promise major weight loss with no effort and as quick as over night. But those companies don’t last long and honestly anything worth having is worth working for. That is why I love Slimfast, this company has been around for years. I remember my grandmother drinking their shakes when I was like 7 years old. If you Google Slimfast success stories you will be amazed.

To spread a little Holiday cheer, Slimfast has a Sexy Santa contest going on right now on Facebook until December 13th. Ladies can enter to win each day by completing challenges on Facebook. One lucky person will win a holiday bash with yummy holiday-themed mocktails created by DR Mixologist. They’ll even get gifts delivered by a Sexy Santa brigade of hot men. What are you waiting for? Hop over there today and enter! And if you win invite me to your party =)

Now it’s my turn to share the Holiday cheer! I received a sexy santa prize pack and it included Slimfast’s new limited edition Slimfast Chocolate Mint shakes. Also a cute red eye mask to aid in great sleep or it could be used as a blindfold (HeeHee), plus a “naughty or nice red” cinnamon scented candle. It came packaged so cute!

This prize pack can be yours today! Just comment below with one of your new year resolutions and share this post on a social media outlet by noon of Dec. 13th!

Good luck!