Money Saving Back to school lunch & snack idea: DIY Uncrustables

I am not a DIY person at all. Not crafty remotely, but I always have cool ideas and love when someone else can figure out how to do it. LOL. This recipe or creation you may call it came from a friend of mine Miss Gekeetah. She knows how to make almost anything to help save money or just to learn something new and I admire her for that. Since she knew that Dereon went back to school she wanted to share with me her tricks on making lunches and snacks for cheap! So who would turn down that offer? NOT ME! So Sunday night she came over and while the VMAs played in the living room we prepared our own version of Uncrustables!

Let me first say it was a lot of fun and Dereon got a thrill out of helping making them as well. Gekeetah told us what to do and how to do it while taking pictures so this was all created by the kiddo and I (we are pretty proud can’t you tell?)

Now normally a pack of Smuckers Uncrustables cost around $4 a box which only includes 4. You can get Strawberry and Peanut butter or Grape and Peanut butter. Dereon loves these, but $4 is kind of pricey for only 4 sandwiches. When Gekeetah told me we could make 12 sandwiches for the same price or less I was all game.

Here is what you need to make around 12 Uncrustables:
Peanut Butter
Jelly or Jam (Whatever flavor you like you can even mix them up)
1 loaf of bread (white, wheat, whole grain, etc)
A Sandwich sealer (easily found a Dollar Tree or Walmart, no need to get a pricey one the $1 version is perfect)
That’s ALL you need and most of these items you already have!!!

Here is how you make your Uncrustables:
1. Lay out how many slices of bread you will be using on wax paper or a cookie sheet. (2 slices of bread per Uncrustable)
2. Spread Peanut butter on all the slices of bread
3. Place one spoonful of jelly in the center of one slice of bread per pair. (2 pieces of bread per Uncrustable both slices have peanut butter on them only one has a spoonful of jelly on top)
4. Pair the sandwiches up, but be sure not to smash the bread.
5. Center the sandwich sealer in the middle of the bread and press down. Making sure the whole sandwich is sealed and the crusts are off. You may have to keep the sealer on while cleaning the left over crust off.
6. Flash freeze your Uncrustables in the freezer for 2 hours (Place them on a plate or cookie sheet with nothing over them).
7. Take them out of the freezer and you can place all 12 in one huge Ziploc freezer bag or wrap them individually in sandwich bags.
8. Return them back to the freezer and you are done! They take about an hour and a half to thaw out so in the morning grab a Uncrustable and throw it in their lunch bag and they will be all set to go. If you want to use this as a after school snack then grab an Uncrustable in the morning and place it in the fridge and once the kiddo is home from school they can feast on their crust free PB&J!

My Summary
Prep time was less than 3 minutes and the actual making of the Uncrustables was about 20 minutes for 12 sandwiches. The flash freezing was 2 hours and while I had them flash freezing I was ironing school uniforms and tucking the kiddo in bed. After that was done I was ready to take them out the freezer to bag them individually and that took about 5 minutes and then I placed them back in the freezer and was done with his school snack for 2 whole weeks. I also added about 10 fruit juice boxes in the refrigerator for the week since he swear he is about to die from thirst every day after school. I am super excited that I was able to do his myself, save money, and be more prepared for the week so I would encourage all moms to try this out!

FYI: This is a great snack for adults too! Especially if you snack a lot at work this is a healthy snack alternative!

Also you can save the crust and make homemade bread crumbs! Another way to save a few dollars!

Do you do weekly meal prep or snack bagging for the week? Or are you just a DIY pro? I would love to know more about it.

Redbox Movie Pick of the week: “42” Review and Free Promo Code

So normally when we take our weekly trip to Redbox we get 3 movies one for the kiddo, one for the hubz, and one for me. Very rarely do we all have one movie in common that we all equally want to see. Except for this random Redbox stop yesterday. I didn’t feel like cooking so we grabbed Take Out and of course movie night popped in my head. I don’t know if you follow me on social media, but if you do you know my family and I are movie heads! Lol. We watch a lot of movies and I would rent Redbox movies and watch Lifetime Movie Network every day if I could. Really, I would, but anyways this time we went to the Redbox kiosk and we only got ONE movie and that’s because we all wanted to see 42. We missed seeing it at the theaters for some stupid reason and we wanted to catch it the 1st week it was out for rental and I’m glad we did. The movie was amazing! By the end of the movie I was a red eyed, crying, baseball fan. The movie had action, romance, history and even comedy all bundled in one. Although racial slurs and profanity are very bold in this film however I believe it was needed to set the tone.

I’ve gotten way ahead of myself let me give you a quick blurb about 42:

42 is about Professional Baseball player Jackie Robinson and his rise to stardom as he battled to become a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers under the leadership of Branch Rickey. In the process it shows how Robinson fault through racism and helped his all white team become color blind.

The guy who played Robinson, Chadwick Boseman gave an outstanding performance and the on camera connection shared with his “movie wife” Nicole Beharie was the cutest. I loved following along on their romance as he grew as a man and baseball player. Oh and lastly Harrison Ford who played Dodgers owner Branch Rickey was fabulous he can never do any wrong, but after this performance I have even more respect for him. Just a great movie overall.   

It’s Friday go to Rebox and check this film out. Great for a movie to watch with your husband, school aged kids (have a talk about race afterwards) parents, grandparents and even friends. And guess what you can rent this free by using the promo code: DVDNIGHT

Let me know your thoughts on it!

Back to School rescue by Walgreens HealthCare Clinic

I am a member of Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This Shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

Back to school prep is officially over for the Pyles’ household. Dereon just started first grade this month at a new school so they needed all his medical forms and records up to date. Of course this is a headache and most mothers dread this time because it may include your poor kiddo getting SHOTS, long wait times, as well as high doctor bills. Luckily for Dereon his shots were current, he only needed a physical. Excited to hear this I called to make him an appointment with his doctor. Sad to say Mommy was SO behind! When I called the receptionist said his doctor didn’t have any open availability until after September 1st. I asked about another doctor in our network and was told the same thing about him. I was disappointed because the kiddo had to get a physical to start school.

That’s when Walgreens HealthCare clinics came to my rescue! Walgreens HealthCare clinics are running a promotion where you can get your child’s back to school physical done for only $39. It’s normally $60 so I thought this was a huge deal. It is for a limited time only and ends 9/30/2013 so make sure you take advantage of it. But let me tell you how easy the process is. First off you can go online and make your appointment or you can also go to your local Walgreens TakeCare clinic and sign in to be seen the same day or make an appointments for another day. Another great thing is Walgreens HealthCare clinics have flexible hours including evening appointments which is a must for some working moms. I booked the kiddo appointment online for the same day at 6:30 pm. I called to make sure they had the school forms I needed (which is recommended since school forms may vary) and verified what identification would be needed when we arrived and we were all set to go.

#shop easy touch screen sign in screen

When we arrived we went straight to the area designated for the clinic. There was a huge touch screen sign in kiosk that I approached and signed in electronically. As we waited to be called I noticed the face masks, hand sanitizer pumps, Kleenex tissue boxes placed around the sign in desk. Also a phone next to the sign in kiosk where you can talk directly to a representative of the Takecare clinic. We waited about 10 minutes and then Dereon was called. The doctor gave him a thorough exam and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Once the physical was over she signed necessary papers and also asked how we would pay for the visit. What I didn’t know was Walgreens TakeCare clinic takes patients with or without health insurance and you have the options to pay with cash as well. We paid for our services and received our paper work and was free to leave. Since the Walgreens TakeCare clinic we visited is in our neighborhood we were only 5 minutes from home and we didn’t have to deal with finding a park in a busy area or paying for parking in a huge lot.

#shop takecare clinic

Our experience with Walgreens HealthCare clinic was pleasant and super convenient  I recommend others to look online at Walgreens and see if they have a TakeCare clinic in your neighborhood. Keep them in mind for your back to school and work physicals and other minor health issues. You would be surprised on how quick you will be serviced, how close it is to home, and how they work around your availability while offering services extremely less than a traditional office clinic.

#Shop promo sign

#shop Stay well