Nerf SuperSoaker HouseParty

Nerf Super Soaker House Party!!

Yes I won and the prize pack was crazy!
5 Nerf Super Soakers
$5 off any Nerf Super Soakers coupons for the guests
12 Full sized bags of Cheetos Natural White Cheaddar puffs
$1 dollar off coupons Cheetos Natural White Cheddar puffs
Nerf Super Soaker Tattoos for the kid guests

The Party was planned for today but due to the thunderstorm we can going to have to host the party tomorrow. But we are putting Dogs and brats on the grill and going to let the kiddos have a soaking good time!

If you have never heard of I suggest you check it out they have very cool opportunities!

Blogging 101 aka Blogging for dummies

Before I started my blog I wanted to know all the Do’s and Don’ts of blogging and how I could merge it into the social media world that I’m addicted to. Of course the first place I went to get information is Google, I read many articles and blog entries on blogging and how to start off as a blogger. After I read enough I ventured over to YouTube and watched a few guru’s explain the industry and some key points. With all that information swimming in my head I sat down and started my Blog – A Real Urban Mom! Finding my name wasn’t hard because I wanted a name that would sum me and my writing point of view and I believe A Real Urban Mom does just that.

Now that I had a name what was next? Since I have been addicted to social media for a while I have a wide range of online friends and associates, some of them happen to be bloggers. When my local blogger friends post events I normally attend if I can because I have always thought it was a cool profession and since I am a lover of all things social how could I miss an event filled with social people like myself? Days after I started my blog and had added a few entries I seen a post in one of the Facebook Mommy groups I am a member of about an upcoming Chicagoland Blogging Workshop with Kris Cain! I registered Instantly and started to jot my questions down. Since I had attended a social event hosted by Kris and T-Mobile before I honestly knew I would learn a lot about blogging and have fun while doing so.

When I arrived at the workshop Kris had snacks, a projector and screen with a in-depth PowerPoint presentation. She informed the group on the varies blog conferences, proper blogging protocol, which social media groups to join on Facebook and online networks to register with. Kris also pointed out ways to make money while blogging, but explained we shouldn’t starting blogging to just make money or think that we would start off making thousands of bucks being a newbie. What sold me about the workshop is she pulled up my blog on the projector screen and showed me ways to instantly improve my blog and make it more user-friendly.

Every question was answered in detailed and she showed example of some of the worse blogs she has witnessed as well as some of the best out on the World Wide Web. The workshop was extremely helpful, fun, informative and addicting. I can’t wait for her next workshop. Check out her website and let her know Keyonda sent you!